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SetEXIFData 7.4

A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:

(26 Feb 2019)

- Adding or subtracting days did not always work.

SetEXIFData 7.3

A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:

(25 Feb 2019)

- Removed the 500 to 700-files limit. Processing of +1000 files at once is now possible.
- Replaced Growl-support and error-messages via sheet windows with standard mac OS Notfications.
- Each section a file goes through, will be separately notified via Notification Center : processing EXIF Data, renaming files, setting Finder dates.
- Increased the maximum of the number of days you can add or subtract to -999 and +999.

Apple Mail to Evernote #apple #mail #email @evernote #evernote #applescript #veritrope #backup #cloudstorage

Some fixes and improvements in the Send E-Mail to Evernote script:

- Replaced Growl support and modal dialog messages with standard mac OS Notifications.

More info on the download page.

HandbrakePM 1.9


A new version of HandbrakePM, the batch video conversion tool based on the famous HandBrake video converter, is now available:

v1.9 (18-feb-2019)
- Removed Growl-support, added native mac OS notifications.
- Added a sheet window when processing, for clarity.
- Added various error checks.


Save and Restore Mac OS X Finder Windows, with Tabs and Positions #macos #mojave #finder #windows #save #restore #positions #contents


A new version of my Save and Restore AppleScripts for the macOS Finder is released.
It contains a fix for the way windows are indexed in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

You can download them from this page, second entry.

ICSviewer 3.8

My ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.8

Bug fixes:

- 'Last month' preference showed 12 months earlier, when in January of a new year.

'The Age of Mammals Mural' postcards, Peabody Museum 1975 #postcard #1975 #ansichtkaart #memories #history #geschiedenis #dinosaurs #dinosaurus #prehistorie #prehistoric


While cleaning up my old father's things, I came across these old postcards. We also had the wall posters of 3 meters long, but I do not know where these are now. Otherwise I would've digitized them also.

You can download the high-res versions here .

SetEXIFData 7.2

A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:

(21 Dec 2018)

- The problem with the missing last characters when displaying EXIF data has been resolved.
- AFAICT, the problems with path- and file-names with special characters on non-Mac disks (FAT, exFAT and NTFS) have been fixed.

The Energy Eyeball in Space #art #photo #foto #livingplanet #instant #manipulation #fake #sciencefiction



The Blogspot Stack 1.2.5 for Stacks with RapidWeaver


Version 1.2.5 of the Blogspot.stack was released on 04 October 2018

If you purchased this stack, you can re-download the installer via your Paddle account.
If not, you can read more about it here .

Changes, additions and fixes:
  • Some single quotes caused a crash with PHP 5.3 when using the Interblog-feature.
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