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On this website, Google Analytics cookies are used to track visitor statistics. These are anonymous data about the number of visitors, which pages they visit on this site, from which region they come, which web browser they use, etc.No data is shared with other Google services.
We have signed a processor agreement with Google for this.

This website places advertisements via Google AdSense on some pages. In the Google AdSense settings, we have determined that no personalised ads may be passed on by Google AdSense.

Personal data that you enter on an order form from Paddle or Paypal, and which you pass on to us in subsequent contact moments, will only be used and stored for the further processing of your order or donation and possible, final or recurring invoicing. Only with your explicit consent, which you can give us directly by e-mail, or with urgent software updates, we might send you e-mail with information about new and / or updated products.

Cookies might be placed for the processing of (a) comments via Disqus, (b) placing an order via Paddle and (c) donations via Paypal. These are functional and necessary cookies.

We do not share the information you enter during the completion of an order with third parties. The bits and bytes are stored in an e-mail, document and backup server, because that is necessary for our business operations. Order and donation information is also stored at Paddle and Paypal.

No other cookies are placed and no other tracking methods are used.

What can you do yourself to restrict tracking of your presence on the internet?

If you have a Gmail account (Google e-mail address) then you have an account with Google and you can manage and edit your own history with the following link:

On the Your Online Choices website ( you will find all information about online privacy and online advertising. You can also switch all sorts on and off there.

If you generally want to block tracking cookies and scripts, we recommend the following tools:

  • For Google Chrome, Firefox, and other Chrome-based browsers such as Opera and Vivaldi: Privacy Badger (
  • For the Mac, iPhone, iPad: 1Blocker (
  • For EDGE on Windows: Ghostery (
    For Internet Explorer on Windows:

    Further, you can look for a do-not-track setting in the preferences of your web browser. You will also find settings in the preferences relating to the authorization and handling of cookies.

    Use a search engine that does not track or report search history, such as DuckDuckGo, Startpage, or Disconnect.

    Use a VPN service to mask your IP address, for example PureVPN or ExpressVPN. There are countless providers.
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    On this website, Google Analytics is used to track visitor statistics. These are anonymised data about the number of visitors, which pages they visit on this site, from which regions they visit, which web browsers they use, etc.. You will also see non-personalised ads via Google AdSense. Cookies from Paddle or Paypal are placed when you click on a 'Buy now!' or 'Donate!' button, and possible cookies from Disqus when you use that system to comment on one or more blogposts.
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