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Collection of home-made iOS Home Screen background images
Although there are a lot of apps which give you hundreds of iPhone or iPad backgrounds, mostly only a few are really nice and seldom useable for a longer period. They get boring. In my opinion a neutral background is far more appealing and far less disturbing, and thus lasts longer. And since I like fooling around ... on the iPhone with some photo-manipulation apps ;-) I created some images which I think are really good backgrounds.

Below you'll find a screenshots of my home-screen, with the various backgrounds in use. When you hover your mouse over these iPhone home screens, it reveals a part of the background that has been used. If you see borders on the original image, but not on the iPhone home screen background, it is because I scaled the image up (use two fingers) when I chose the image from Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Camera Roll, and picked the center of the scaled image.

The first image is what really surprised me: a plain white image and despite its lack of everything, it still looks great as a background, just because of the mask that Apple uses. Great mask!
Move your mouse pointer over an image to reveal the iOS background image that has been used.
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