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Collected WW2 Propaganda Posters
(all freely available on the internet)

I collected a lot of WW2 posters from the internet out of interest about their layout, use of colour, the slogans and styles. And I wanted to do something with them - not simply storing them in some corner on my hard disk. I came up with the idea to make collages out of them which I can use as desktop backgrounds - so I did. In Photoshop I created layers for each image so I could freely scale and drag them around to find a right position. Then a 'Flatten Image' et voilá!

There are currently two sets : Allied and Nazi. I suppose the Japanese also have posters, but the difficulty is that I can't read them.

All collages are 1920 x 1180 pixels.

Download all posters (.zip)

(Click an image to enlarge)

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