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Jean Michel Jarre 2016

Alle foto's en films zijn © en gemaakt door Marc Vos
All photos and movies are © and made by Marc Vos

Jean Michel Jarre 2016
In 2016, my brother invited me to the live performance of Jean Michel Jarre in Amsterdam, at the Heineken Music Hall. Since we're fans of him since 1980's when I could afford to buy LPs and cassettes, to go there was a great idea! And I found it super!

Everyone made pictures and movies, so mine aren't the only ones you'll find on the internet. From the loose photos and videos I took, I made 4 single movies with iMovie, using the Ken Burns-effect for the stills.
Also, with 'burst'-mode and the app Burstio, I made some animated GIFs, which I placed between the videos below.

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