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E$EXP is a software package that implements a multi-level /COPY or $COPY statement in any source member type (RPG, DSPF, PRTF, TXT, CL, CLP, etc.).


Every programming language has a statement to include source files at compile time. Only some languages can include sources one level deep, like RPG/400. A /COPY statement within a /COPY member is not possible. And some, like DDS, don not even have a possibilty to include sourcelines.


With E$EXP this is over! You can now include source in any source member! Furthermore, for RPG/400 sources you can create 'object'-members in which you can code all F, E, I, C specifications that you need. E$EXP will place them in the correct part of the expanded source.

And, at the end, E$EXP prompts for compilation when a source type is processed that can be compiled to an object.


So, using E$EXP, you can:

  • Include sources up to 9999 levels deep.
  • Specify all types of RPG source lines in RPG /COPY members. They will be placed at the correct position.
  • Use it with any source file type (CLP, DSPF, PRTF, PF, etc).

And it

  • Does not modify your original sources. Instead, it expands the originals in a new source member in a separate sourcefile.
  • Is fast.



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E$EXP - Expand and Compile Source File

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