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E$LNG is a quick and cheap solution to make your display (DSPF) and printer files (PRTF) language independant.

Literal independant, actually. The software extracts all literals that are text and stores them in a messagefile, for each language you define. The original text is then replaced by a field with the MSGID or MSGCON keyword.


  • Context sensitive extraction (3 levels). This means that, for example, the word 'file' can have multiple meanings and will be saved multiple times instead of only once.
  • You choose whether text will be replaced by MSGID or MSGCON.
  • Multiple languages (i.e. messagefiles) at the same time.
  • Fast
  • No modification of original work. Only copies are created and modified.
  • Extracted text is also saved in a file so when it is extracted a second time it will keep the same message id.
  • MSGID Keyword emulation for subfiles within display files and printer files. Normally in subfiles and printer files only MSGCON is allowed.
  • Listings of extracted text and what message identifier they have become and where they are stored.

How does it work?

You create a display file and type text on it. Using the single quotes, reserve extra space for the literal text, because in another language you may need more characters for a literal:

'Books '
'Livres '

Next, you run E$LNG and a new sourcefile will be created, containing a copy of the original. This copy is then modified and can be compiled. Text is extracted and, depending on the parameter settings, stored in each defined language message file.

You have to translate the text for every language yourself, of course. After compilation, add the library containing the messagefile in your desired language to your library list and run your program.



(click links to read detailed information)

E$LNGD - Definitions for Text Extraction and Languages
E$LNG - Check or Extract Literals from DSPF and/or PRTF Source Members
E$LNGS - Let user select a Language
E$LNGW - Create a Work file from a Message file
E$LNGU - Update a Language Message File using a Work file

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