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Creates a subprocess, enabling you to execute DCL commands without terminating your LATCP session. The LATCP SPAWN command is similar to the DCL SPAWN command. To return to your LATCP session, either log out of the subprocess by entering the DCL LOGOUT command, or use the DCL ATTACH command to attach your terminal to the process running LATCP. Format SPAWN [DCL-command] 2 Parameter DCL-command Specifies a DCL command. If you specify a DCL command, LATCP executes the command in a subprocess. Control returns to LATCP when the DCL command terminates. If you do not specify a DCL command, LATCP creates a subprocess and you can then enter DCL commands. You can continue your LATCP session by logging out of the spawned subprocess or by attaching to the parent process with the DCL ATTACH command. 2 Example LATCP> SPAWN $ The SPAWN command in this example creates a subprocess at DCL level. You can now enter DCL commands. Log out or enter the DCL ATTACH command to return to the LATCP prompt.

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