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The MENU subroutines are physically contained with the DBLOSSL library, but are
logically separate.  These subroutines provide the program interface to the DIBOL
menu facility.  Two entry points are provided for each menu subroutine.  One entry
point is the entry point for the actual code within the DBLOSSL library.  The other
entry point is used for compatability with the PDP-11 version of the menu facility,
and simply jumps to the primary entry point.  In the descriptions of the MENU
subroutines, the PDP-11 entry point is shown in parenthesis.


       DBLMENU$INIT (M$INIT) initializes the menu interface, opens the
       terminal and loads the menu from the menu file.

          XCALL DBLMENU$INIT ({func}, progid {,menufile {,submenu}})


       DBLMENU$EXIT (M$EXIT) terminates the menu interface and closes the

          XCALL DBLMENU$EXIT ({func})


       DBLMENU$MESSAGE (M$MSG) displays a message on the message line of the

          XCALL DBLMENU$MESSAGE ({func}, message)


       DBLMENU$SETCH (M$SET) changes the default channel numbers used by the
       menu routines.

          XCALL DBLMENU$SETCH ({ttchan} {,otherchan})

       The defaults used are 255 for the terminal channel and 254 for the
       other channel.


       DBLMENU$SELECT (M$SLCT) allows the user to select an item from the
       menu and returns information on the selected item.

          XCALL DBLMENU$SELECT ({func}, action, dvalue, avalue, {avalsize},
                                {input {,inpsize}}, {menufile {,submenu}})


       DBLMENU$PARAMS (M$PRMS) substitutes parameter fields defined in the
       menu with program-specified text.

          XCALL DBLMENU$PARAMS ({func}, p1 {,..., p20})


       DBLMENU$PAUSE closes the terminal channel and (optionally) clears the

           XCALL DBLMENU$PAUSE {function}


         function is a numeric expression which modifies the default action of
         the subroutine.

                     Non-Zero  - do not clear the screen.

                     Zero      - clear the screen.


       DBLMENU$RESUME reopens the terminal channel when returning from a SPAWN
       and (optionally) refreshes the screen.

           DBLMENU$RESUME {function}


         function is a numeric expression which modifies the default action of
         the subroutine.

                     Non-Zero  - do not refresh the screen.

                     Zero      - refresh the screen.
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