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DIBIOL/DBL - Run-Time Errors

Run-time errors are normally fatal and automatically result in program termination.
Some, however, can be trapped using the DIBOL ONERROR statement, thus avoiding program
termination.  Those run-time errors that can be trapped with the ONERROR statement are
called trappable; the non-trappable errors inevitably result in program termination.
Information messages only appear in conjunction with a trappable or non-trappable error.

The error number help descriptions contain the error number, the ident (abbreviation of
the message text), the severity, and a description of the common reason(s) for the error
to occur.

001 - ENDOF_FIL    Trappable       End of file

The end of file has been detected on a READS or READ, or a CTRL/Z has been entered
from a terminal during an ACCEPT or READS.

002 - RETNO_CAL    Non-trappable   RETURN but no CALL or XCALL

A RETURN statement was executed with no execution of an associated CALL or XCALL
statement preceding it.

003 - CMPERR       Non-trappable   Compilation error

Execution of a statement which contained a compilation error was attempted.

006 - INCNUMARG    Non-trappable   Incorrect number of arguments

The number of arguments passed to an external subroutine was incorrect.

007 - SUBERR       Trappable       Subscript error

A subscript has a value which is negative, zero, or refers to a data element which is
beyond the data definition of the program, or if the variable is doubly-subscripted,
the value of the first subscript exceeds the value of the second subscript.

008 - WRIINTLIT    Non-trappable   Writing into a literal

An external subroutine attempted to write data into a literal which was passed as an
argument to the subroutine.

009 - NOTENOMEM    Trappable       Not enough memory

Insufficient memory is available to:
                  o  SEND a message
                  o  OPEN a file
                  o  LPQUE a file

010 - ILLCHANUM    Non-trappable   Illegal channel number

The channel number specified in an OPEN or other I/O statement is outside the
allowable range (1:15 if /STANDARD, 1:255 if /NOSTANDARD)

011 - CHANOTOPN    Non-trappable   Channel not open

An I/O statement specified a channel which had not been OPEN'ed.

012 - INPFROWRI    Trappable       Input from write-only device

An OPEN statement attempted to open an output-only device, such as a line printer,
using Input (I) mode.

013 - CHADEFERR    Non-trappable   Channel definition error

An internal error occurred in the DIBOL Run-Time Library.  Please submit an SPR.

014 - UNDOPC       Non-trappable   Undefined opcode

An internal error was detected by the DIBOL Run-Time Library.  Please verify that
compatible versions of the DIBOL compiler and RTL are being used.  If the compiler
and RTL are compatible, please submit an SPR.

015 - NUMTOOLON    Trappable       Number too long

An arithmetic operation has resulted in a number which exceeds 18 digits, or an
operand in an arithmetic operation is in excess of 18 digits.

016 - CHAIN_USE    Non-trappable   DIBOL channel in use

An OPEN statement attempted to use a channel which was already open.

017 - BADFILSPC    Trappable       Bad file specification

A file specification contained a syntax error.

018 - FILNOTFND    Trappable       File not found

The file specified does not exist.

019 - HANNOTAVA    Trappable       Device handler not available

The device specified is not known to the operating system.

020 - BADDIGIT     Trappable       Bad digit

The alphanumeric value converted to a numeric value contained a character other than
a numeric digit, a sign character (+ or -), or a space.

021 - BADOPEN      Trappable       Invalid operation for this file type

The file I/O statement is not allowed by the mode in which the file was opened.

022 - IO_ERROR     Trappable       I-O error

Invalid data was detected during an input or output operation.

023 - LINTOOLNG    Trappable       Line too long

The size of the input data exceeds the size of the record or alpha field.

024 - NO_SPAFIL    Trappable       No space for file

An OPEN statement includes a specification of more blocks than are available.

025 - OUTFILFUL    Trappable       Output file full

All space allocated for a file has been filled, and the file cannot be extended.

026 - FLDRECLNG    Non-trappable   Field or record too long

The size of a field or record exceeds the maximum allowed size.

028 - ILLRECNUM    Trappable       Illegal record number

A READ or WRITE statement specifies a record number that is negative, zero, or greater
than the number of records in the file.

029 - INCCOMPIL    Non-trappable   Incompatible compiler

The program was compiled using a version of the compiler which is not compatible with
the current run-time library.

030 - DIVBYZERO    Trappable       Divide by zero

An arithmetic operation attempted to divide by zero.

031 - ARGWROSIZ    Non-trappable   Argument wrong size

An external subroutine was called using an argument which was of incorrect size.

032 - SUPEXIFIL    Trappable       Cannot supersede existing file

An OPEN statement or RENAM subroutine call attempted to supersede an existing file,
and FLAGS had been set to prevent this.

033 - TOOMNYCHN    Trappable       Too many channels open

The program attempted to open more channels than were available.

037 - DEVIN_USE    Trappable       Device in use

An OPEN statement attempted to open a non-sharable device that was in use.

038 - FILEINUSE    Trappable       File in use

An OPEN statement attempted to open a non-sharable file that was in use.

039 - OUTTOREAD    Trappable       Output to read-only device

An I/O statement attempted to perform output to a device which is write-locked.

040 - RECLOCKED    Trappable       Record locked

An I/O statement specified a record which is currently in use by another program.

052 - ILEGALKEY    Trappable       Illegal key

The key specified by an indexed I/O operation was either outside of the specified
record area or did not match a key defined for the file.

053 - KEYNOTSAM    Trappable       Key not same

The key of the record retrieved by an indexed READ does not exactly match the key
requested; or the key specified by an indexed WRITE or DELETE did not match the key
of the record which was last retrieved.

054 - NODUPKEYS    Trappable       No duplicates

An indexed STORE statement specified a key for which a record already exists, and
duplicate keys were not allowed.

056 - NOTISMFIL    Trappable       Not ISAM file

An OPEN statement attempted to open a non-indexed file using SI or SU mode.

058 - JOBSTAERR    Trappable       Job startup error

The specified job could not be started as requested in a call to the RUNJB subroutine.

061 - NO_CURREC    Trappable       No current record

An indexed WRITE or DELETE was attempted before a record had been read.

062 - PROTVIOL     Trappable       Protection violation

A file operation was attempted on a file whose protection would not allow the
operation; or an operation was attempted for which the user did not have sufficient

063 - NO_SUCOPR    Non-trappable   No such operation (RMS)

Support for the VAX RMS service or option is not present in the system.

064 - RECNOTFND    Trappable       Record not found (RMS)

A relative READ statement specified a non-existent record.

067 - SYSERROR     Non-trappable   System error

An error occurred during an operating system service or other external system call.

077 - ARGOUTORD    Trappable       Arguments out of order

The arguments specified in a call to PAK/UNPAK are not in the correct order.

078 - ARGOUTLIM    Trappable       Argument out of record

An argument specified in a call to PAK/UNPAK is outside of the specified record area.

079 - ARGCOUNT     Trappable       Needs minimum of three arguments

A call to PAK requires a minimum of three arguments.

080 - FLDNOTPAK    Trappable       Field not packed

A field specified in a call to UNPAK was not packed.

084 - ILLBIOSIZ    Trappable       Illegal block I/O record size

The record size specified in a block I/O statement was not a multiple of 512 bytes.

087 - ARGMISS      Trappable       Argument missing

A required argument was omitted from in an XCALL, or a subroutine attempted to use
an argument which was not passed.

089 - INVSHRCOD    Trappable       Invalid SHARE value in OPEN

Invalid code on SHARE keyword in OPEN.

100 - RMSERROR     Non-trappable   Unexpected RMS error

An RMS error occurred which was not anticipated.

101 - INVARGTYP    Non-trappable   Invalid argument type

An argument passed to a library routine was of the wrong type (alpha instead of
decimal, or decimal instead of alpha).

102 - DBLRTLERR    Non-trappable   DIBOL Run Time Library internal error

An error occurred in the DIBOL Run-Time Library software.  Please submit an SPR.

103 - FILE_ORG     Trappable       Invalid file organization

The mode specified in an OPEN statement did not match the organization of the file
being opened (for instance, an ISAM file being opened in U mode).

104 - OUTOFRANG    Non-trappable   Value out of range

A statement parameter or library subroutine argument was outside of the permitted
range of values.

105 - CALNOTDBL    Non-trappable   Caller not DIBOL

A library subroutine was called by a non-DIBOL program, for which the call is invalid.

107 - DEVNOTRDY    Trappable       Device not ready

The device accessed by a I/O statement was off-line or otherwise not ready.

108 - INVOPNMOD    Non-trappable   Invalid open mode value

An OPEN statement specified an invalid open mode.

109 - CONTROL_C    Trappable       CTRL/C detected

The user entered a CTRL/C.

110 - CONTROL_Y    Trappable       CTRL/Y detected

The user entered a CTRL/Y.

111 - TIMOUT       Trappable       Operation timed out

A timed I/O operation, such as READS or ACCEPT, failed to complete within the given

112 - OPENERROR    Trappable       Error during file open

An unexpected error occurred while attempting to open a file.

113 - INVALLOC     Trappable       Invalid ALLOC value in OPEN

The ALLOC value specified in an OPEN statement was outside the permitted range of

114 - INVBKTSIZ    Trappable       Invalid BKTSIZ value in OPEN

The BKTSIZ value specified in an OPEN statement was outside the permitted range of

115 - INVBLKSIZ    Trappable       Invalid BLKSIZ value in OPEN

The BLKSIZ value specified in an OPEN statement was outside the permitted range of

116 - INVBUFSIZ    Trappable       Invalid BUFSIZ value in OPEN

The BUFSIZ value specified in an OPEN statement was outside the permitted range of

117 - INVRECSIZ    Trappable       Invalid RECSIZ value in OPEN

The RECSIZ value specified in an OPEN statement was outside the permitted range of

118 - NOMSGMGR     Trappable       Unable to open message manager mailbox

The mailbox used by the DIBOL SEND/RECV message manager could not be opened.

120 - QUENOTAVA    Trappable       Queue not available or invalid queue name

The queue specified in an LPQUE statement was either not available or invalid.

121 - INVKEYNUM    Trappable       Invalid KEYNUM value.

Invalid key of reference specified with KEYNUM keyword on READ or FIND.

122 - FORGNTERM    Trappable       Foreign terminals not supported

Attempt to use VIDEO, ERASE, or POS attributes on a non-ANSI terminal for which a
terminal capabilities file has not been created.

123 - OUTATTERR    Trappable       Invalid output attribute

Invalid code used on an output attribute in WRITES, DISPLAY, READS statement.

124 - INATTERR     Trappable       Invalid input attribute

Invalid code used on an input attribute in READS statement.

125 - INVCHRERR    Trappable       Invalid character entered

A character was entered while using EDIT capability of READS which did not conform
to the EDIT mask.

126 - FULBUFERR    Trappable       Input buffer full

READS buffer was filled.

127 - UNSUPDTYP    Trappable       Invalid data type encountered

Attempt to use a data type which is not supported by the DIBOL run-time system in
that context.

128 - INVMATCH     Trappable       Invalid MATCH value

Invalid code on MATCH keyword in FIND or READ.

129 - INVCONTIG    Trappable       Invalid CONTIG value in OPEN

Invalid code on CONTIG keyword in OPEN.

130 - INVDEQ       Trappable       Invalid DEQ value in OPEN

Invalid code on DEQ keyword in OPEN.

131 - INVNUMREC    Trappable       Invalid NUMREC value in OPEN

Invalid number of records specified on NUMREC keyword in OPEN.

132 - INVRECTYP    Trappable       Invalid RECTYP value in OPEN

Invalid code on RECTYP keyword in OPEN.

133 - INVALFDL     Trappable       Invalid FDL value in OPEN

Invalid statement in string on FDL keyword in OPEN.

134 - INVBUFNUM    Trappable       Invalid BUFNUM value in OPEN

Invalid number specified on BUFNUM keyword in OPEN.

135 - INVPRO       Trappable       Invalid PROTECT string in OPEN

Invalid UIC-type protection string on PROTECT keyword in OPEN.

136 - INVACL       Trappable       Invalid PROTECT/ACL string in OPEN

Invalid Access Control List entry in string on PROTECT keyword in OPEN.

137 - TOOMNYSEG    Trappable       Too many key segments in OPEN

OPEN\KEY keyword declared more than 8 segments on a segmented key.

138 - INVDATYP     Trappable       Invalid TYPE string in OPEN

Invalid key type specified in string on TYPE keyword in OPEN.

139 - NO_RECSIZ    Trappable       RECSIZ keyword required

Record size is required by OPEN modes O:R, O:I and OPEN keyword NUMREC.

140 - INVALRFA     Trappable       Invalid RFA value

An invalid RFA value was specified on READ, FIND, or WRITE.

200 - STOP         Success         STOP

The STOP or END statement has been successfully executed.

201 - AT_LINE      Informational   At line DDD in routine AAA

Indicates traceback information after a STOP or error.

202 - PC_PSL       Informational   PC = HHH, PSL = HHH

Indicates Program Counter and Processor Status Longword values.

203 - IOERRINFO    Informational   Channel # DDD, mode AAA, file name = AAA

Indicates channel, open mode, and file name after an I/O error.

204 - NUMOFARGS    Informational   DDD arguments specified

Indicates number of arguments actually passed after an INCNUMARG (Incorrect number
of arguments - error #6) error.

205 - SUBSCRPT1    Informational   Subscript = DDD

Indicates value of subscript after a SUBERR (Subscript error - error #7) error
(single subscripting).

206 - SUBSCRPT2    Informational   Subscript 1 = DDD, subscript 2     = DDD

Indicates value of subscripts after a SUBERR (Subscript error - error #7) error
(double subscripting).

207 - ARG_NMBR     Informational   Argument # DDD

Indicates argument number causing error after an argument-related error.

208 -  LOGCHAN      Informational   Channel # DDD

Indicates channel number after an I/O error.

209 - ARG_SIZE     Informational   Argument size DDD

Indicates size of argument causing error after an ARGWROSIZ (Argument wrong size -
error #31) error.

210 - VALUE        Informational   Value = DDD

Indicates value of argument or parameter after an OUTOFRANG (Value out of range -
error #104) or other error.

211 - ALLSNDBUF    Informational   DDD bytes required for SEND buffer

Indicates reason and number of bytes required after a NOTENOMEM (Not enough memory -
error #9) error.

212 - UNDEFLBL     Informational   Attempt to GOTO or CALL undefined label

Indicates reason after a CMPERR (Compilation error - error #3) error.

213 - OUTOFBND     Informational   Subscripting beyond data division

Indicates reason after a SUBERR (Subscript error - error # 7) error.

214 - WARNING      Informational   Warning

Indicates that a warning was returned from a VAX RMS service or VAX/VMS system
service, but was ignored by the DIBOL RTL.

215 - STV Informational            RMS STV field contains error code

Indicates that further error information can be found in the RMS STV field.

216 - OPCODE       Informational   Opcode value %XHHH at address %XHHH

Indicates opcode value and address after an UNDOPC (Undefined opcode - error #14)

217 - FILENAME     Informational   FILENAME = AAA

Indicates the filename after an error involving a file.
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