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Command Description Managing System Resources and User Accounts with SYSUAF ADD Adds a user record to the SYSUAF and corresponding identifiers to the rights database. COPY Creates a new SYSUAF record that duplicates an existing record. DEFAULT Modifies the default SYSUAF record. LIST Writes reports for selected UAF records to a listing file, SYSUAF.LIS. MODIFY Changes values in a SYSUAF user record. Qualifiers not specified in the command remain unchanged. REMOVE Deletes a SYSUAF user record and corresponding identifiers in the rights database. The DEFAULT and SYSTEM records cannot be deleted. RENAME Changes the user name of the SYSUAF record (and, if specified, the corresponding identifier) while retaining the characteristics of the old record. SHOW Displays reports for selected SYSUAF records. Managing Network Proxies with NETPROXY.DAT or NET$PROXY.DAT ADD/PROXY Adds proxy access for the specified user. CREATE/PROXY Creates a network proxy authorization file. LIST/PROXY Creates a listing file of all proxy accounts and all remote users with proxy access to the accounts. MODIFY/PROXY Modifies proxy access for the specified user. REMOVE/PROXY Deletes proxy access for the specified user. SHOW/PROXY Displays proxy access allowed for the specified user. Managing Identifiers with RIGHTSLIST.DAT ADD/IDENTIFIER Adds an identifier name to the rights database. CREATE/RIGHTS Creates a new rights database file. GRANT/IDENTIFIER Grants an identifier name to a UIC identifier. LIST/IDENTIFIER Creates a listing file of identifier names and values. LIST/RIGHTS Creates a listing file of all identifiers held by the specified user. MODIFY/IDENTIFIER Modifies the named identifier in the rights database. REMOVE/IDENTIFIER Removes an identifier from the rights database. RENAME/IDENTIFIER Renames an identifier in the rights database. REVOKE/IDENTIFIER Revokes an identifier name from a UIC identifier. SHOW/IDENTIFIER Displays identifier names and values on the current output device. SHOW/RIGHTS Displays on the current output device the names of all identifiers held by the specified user. General Commands EXIT Returns the user to DCL command level. HELP Displays HELP text for AUTHORIZE commands. MODIFY/SYSTEM_ Sets the system password (equivalent to PASSWORD the DCL command SET PASSWORD/SYSTEM).

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