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2 /IDENTIFIER Takes an identifier away from a user. Format REVOKE/IDENTIFIER id-name user-spec 3 Parameters id-name Specifies the identifier name. The identifier name is a string of 1 to 31 alphanumeric characters. The name can contain underscores and dollar signs. It must contain at least one nonnumeric character. user-spec Specifies the UIC identifier that uniquely identifies the user on the system. This type of identifier appears in alphanumeric format, not numeric format; for example, [GROUP1,JONES]. 3 Example UAF> REVOKE/IDENTIFIER INVENTORY CRAMER %UAF-I-REVOKEMSG, identifier INVENTORY revoked from CRAMER The command in this example revokes the identifier INVENTORY from the user Cramer. Cramer loses the identifier and any resources associated with it. Note that because rights identifiers are stored in numeric format, it is not necessary to change records for users holding a renamed identifier.

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