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2 /PROXY Creates and initializes the network proxy authorization files. The primary network proxy authorization file is NET$PROXY.DAT. The file NETPROXY.DAT is maintained for compatibility. NOTE Do not delete NETPROXY.DAT because DECnet Phase IV and many layered products still use it. Format CREATE/PROXY 3 Example UAF> CREATE/PROXY UAF> The command in this example creates and initializes the network proxy authorization file. 2 /RIGHTS Creates and initializes the rights database, RIGHTSLIST.DAT. Format CREATE/RIGHTS 3 Example UAF> CREATE/RIGHTS %UAF-E-RDBCREERR, unable to create RIGHTSLIST.DAT -RMS-E-FEX, file already exists, not superseded You can use the command in this example to create and initialize a new rights database. Note, however, that RIGHTSLIST.DAT is created automatically during the installation process. Thus, you must delete or rename the existing file before creating a new one. For more information on rights database management, refer to the OpenVMS Guide to System Security.

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