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2 /IDENTIFIER Assigns the specified identifier to the user and documents the user as a holder of the identifier in the rights database. Format GRANT/IDENTIFIER id-name user-spec 3 Parameters id-name Specifies the identifier name. The identifier name is a string of 1 to 31 alphanumeric characters that can contain underscores and dollar signs. The name must contain at least one nonnumeric character. user-spec Specifies the UIC identifier that uniquely identifies the user on the system. This type of identifier appears in alphanumeric format. For example: [GROUP1,JONES]. 3 Qualifier /ATTRIBUTES /ATTRIBUTES=(keyword[,...]) Specifies attributes to be associated with the identifier. The following are valid keywords: DYNAMIC Allows unprivileged holders of the identifier to remove and to restore the identifier from the process rights list by using the DCL command SET RIGHTS_LIST. HOLDER_HIDDEN Prevents people from getting a list of users who hold an identifier, unless they own the identifier themselves. NAME_HIDDEN Allows holders of an identifier to have it translated, either from binary to ASCII or from ASCII to binary, but prevents unauthorized users from translating the identifier. NOACCESS Makes any access rights of the identifier null and void. If a user is granted an identifier with the No Access attribute, that identifier has no effect on the user's access rights to objects. This attribute is a modifier for an identifier with the Resource or Subsystem attribute. RESOURCE Allows holders of an identifier to charge disk space to the identifier. Used only for file objects. SUBSYSTEM Allows holders of the identifier to create and maintain protected subsystems by assigning the Subsystem ACE to the application images in the subsystem. Used only for file objects. To remove an attribute from the identifier, add a NO prefix to the attribute keyword. For example, to remove the Resource attribute, specify /ATTRIBUTES=NORESOURCE. 3 Example UAF> GRANT/IDENTIFIER INVENTORY [300,015] %UAF-I-GRANTMSG, identifier INVENTORY granted to CRAMER The command in this example grants the identifier INVENTORY to the user named Cramer who has UIC [300,015]. Cramer becomes the holder of the identifier and any resources associated with it. The following command produces the same result: UAF> GRANT/IDENTIFIER INVENTORY CRAMER

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