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Authorize (UAF)

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To invoke AUTHORIZE, set your default device and directory to SYS$SYSTEM and enter RUN AUTHORIZE at the DCL command prompt. At the UAF> prompt, you can enter any of the AUTHORIZE commands. To exit from AUTHORIZE, enter the EXIT command at the UAF> prompt or press Ctrl/Z. If you move the SYSUAF.DAT file, be sure the logical name SYSUAF is defined and points to an existing file. If AUTHORIZE is unable to locate the SYSUAF.DAT file, it displays the following error message: %UAF-E-NAOFIL, unable to open SYSUAF.DAT -RMS-E-FNF, file not found Do you want to create a new file? A response of YES results in creation of a new SYSUAF file containing a SYSTEM record and a DEFAULT record. These records are initialized with the same values set when the system was installed.

Download the UAF manual as PDF
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