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Deletes a SYSUAF user record and corresponding identifiers in the rights database. The DEFAULT and SYSTEM records cannot be deleted. Format REMOVE username 2 Parameter username Specifies the name of a user in the SYSUAF. 2 Qualifier /REMOVE_IDENTIFIER /REMOVE_IDENTIFIER (default) /NOREMOVE_IDENTIFIER Specifies whether the user name and account name identifiers should be removed from the rights database when a record is removed from the UAF. If two UAF records have the same UIC, the user name identifier is removed only when the second record is deleted. Similarly, the account name identifier is removed only if there are no remaining UAF records with the same group as the deleted record. 2 Example UAF> REMOVE ROBIN %UAF-I-REMMSG, record removed from SYSUAF.DAT %UAF-I- RDBREMMSGU, identifier ROBIN value: [000014,000006] removed from RIGHTSLIST.DAT The command in this example deletes the record for user ROBIN from the SYSUAF and ROBIN's UIC identifier from RIGHTSLIST.DAT. 2 /IDENTIFIER Removes an identifier from the rights database. Format REMOVE/IDENTIFIER id-name 3 Parameter id-name Specifies the name of an identifier in the rights database. 3 Example UAF> REMOVE/IDENTIFIER Q1SALES %UAF-I-RDBREMMSGU, identifier Q1SALES value %X80010024 removed from RIGHTSLIST.DAT The command in this example removes the identifier Q1SALES from the rights database. All of its holder records are removed with it. 2 /PROXY Deletes network proxy access for the specified remote user. Format REMOVE/PROXY node::remote-user [local-user,...] 3 Parameters node Specifies the name of a network node in the network proxy authorization file. remote-user Specifies the user name or UIC of a user on a remote node. The asterisk wildcard character (*) is permitted in the remote-user specification. local-user Specifies the user name of from 1 to 16 users on the local node. If no local user is specified, proxy access to all local accounts is removed. 3 Example UAF> REMOVE/PROXY MISHA::MARCO %UAF-I-NAFREMMSG, proxy from MISHA::MARCO to * removed The command in this example deletes the record for MISHA::MARCO from the network proxy authorization file, removing all proxy access to the local node for user MARCO on node MISHA.

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