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FN_E$BDR - Alphanumeric number to number/amount

Inclusion in RPG source




Input Parameters

@BDGFM (a15)
Field in which the alphanumeric amount must be stored prior to the call to E$BDR.
@BDGFL (d1)
When 1, signals E$BDR that the alphanumeric amount is formatted with decimals (either . or ,).

Output Parameters

@BDG (d13.2)
Field in which the formatted amount is stored after processing by E$BDR.

What it does

Formats an alphanumeric amount into a numeric field. Normal alphanumeric number fields (without decimals) can be converted to real numeric fields by using the MOVE statement.


 * Amount field = 6.2
 * Alpha amount  = '      40,00-'
 * Currency = NLG (= with comma)
C                     Z-ADD1         @BDGFL
C                     MOVE AMOUNT    @BDGFM           ('    40,00-')
C                     EXSR E$BDR
C                     Z-ADD@BDG      #FIELD
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