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FN_E$MSG - Send a program message

Inclusion in RPG source

. . .
. . .

Inclusion in DSPF source

 A          R SFLMSG                    SFL
 A                                      SFLMSGRCD(24)
 A            #MKEY                     SFLMSGKEY
 A            ##PGM                     SFLPGMQ
 A          R SFLMSGC                   SFLCTL(SFLMSG)
 A                                      OVERLAY
 A                                      SFLSIZ(0002)
 A                                      SFLPAG(0001)
 A                                      SFLDS
 A                                      SFLDSPCTL
 A                                      SFLINZ
 A  80                                  SFLEND
 A            ##PGM                     SFLPGMQ



Input Parameters

MSGID (a7)
Field to contain a OS/400 message-id or one out of your own message-files. If empty (=*BLANKS), the message-queue is cleared.
MSGQUE (a10)
Field to contain a OS/400 message-queue to send the message to. Defaults to *SAME.
MSGFIL (a20)
Field to contain a OS/400 message-file from which the message text should be retrieved. Defaults to '*LIBL E$ERRMSG '
MSGDT (a132)
Field to contain message data to fill the variables defined in the message.

Output Parameters


What it does

The routine sends a message by calling the program E$PGMMSG. After that, you should send the record format SFLMSGC before the next EXFMT statement.


C                     ...
C                     EXSR SRPOS1
C  N04                WRITEFMT#99F                     Function key info
C   04                WRITEFMT#99O                     Options info
C                     WRITESFLMSGC                     Message queue
C                     EXFMTFMTCTL#1
C                     CLEARMSGID                       Clear message queue
C                     EXSR E$MSG
C                     SELEC
C           ##KEY     WHEQ F4
C                     EXSR SRF04
C                     ...
C                     ...
 * Test field value:
C           #FLD1     CHAINDBFILE2              99  
C           *IN99     IFEQ *ON
C           #FLD1     OREQ *BLANK
C                     MOVEL'ERR0001' MSGID             Error message ID
C                     EXSR E$MSG                       Write to message queue
C                     SETON                     9540
C                     ENDIF
C                     ...
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