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FN_E$UML - Convert characters to ASCII-7 set

Convert non-ASCII characters (like the german UMLauts) to standard ASCII characters

Inclusion in RPG source

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Input Parameters

UMLXX (a80)
Field to contain text which may contain characters that need to be converted.

Output Parameters

UMLXX (a80)
Field to contain the upcased, converted text.

What it does

The routine upcases the contents of UMLXX and walks through the text string, examening each character and if it matches with one out of the list of characters to convert, the character will be substitued by its upcased equivalent, depending on the language used. Following is the table with characters that will be converted and their equivalents, under OS/400 using a German language set:
ü or ] = UE
ü or } = UE
ä or [ = AE
Ä or { = AE
ö or \ = OE
Ö or ¦ = OE
ß or ~ = SS
_ = -
á or Á = A
é or É = E
í or Í = I
ó or Ó = O
ú or Ú = U
ý or Ý = Y
à or À = A
è or È = E
ì or Ì = I
ò or Ò = O
ù or Ù = U
â or  = A
ê or Ê = E
î or Î = I
ô or Ô = O
û or Û = U
õ or Õ = O
ø or Ø = O
© = S
¹ = S
» = T
¾ = Z
æ or Æ = AE
# = R
" = (nothing)
Note: included is also the routine FN_E$UMLMG, which converts the special characters coming from Map&Guide into ASCII 7 characters.


 * Convert text that has been input by a user:
C                     ...
C                     MOVEL'Grüße   'UMLXX     P      Greetings
C                     EXSR E$UML
C                     MOVELUMLXX     #FIELD    P      'GRUESSE'
C                     ...
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