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 DirectURL 3.3
 A Site Specific Browser (SSB)

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This is a tool to load specific URL's for which you would not like to use a browser. This way, you have each URL in its own application, which especially handy when you are using virtual desktops.

How does it work?

Mac OS X:
  • Download, unzip it and move it to the Applications folder:
  • Duplicate the object :
  • Select the name of the new object :
  • Type the name of the website (without the http:// part) as the name for the object :
  • Double-click the new object . The new program loads the URL from its name :

  • Download and unzip it.
  • Duplicate the object :
  • Select the name of the new object :
  • Type the name of the website (without the http:// part) as the name for the object :
    On Windows, leave the .exe extension. Do not add it yourself!
  • Double-click the new object. The new program loads the URL from its name :

Complex website URL's:
If you would like to open a more complex web address, you can not use that address as the file name because the OS will not allow certain characters in file names. For these situations, you can name the copied object something like "My cool website", start it and then choose the Preferences... menu-item. You will get the following dialog :

In the field Password, you can enter a password to protect the URL from being changed by others. In the URL to load field, you can store the complex URL. When you save it, the settings are stored in the durl.ini file in your documents folder and your My cool website app will from then on load that URL.

If you have set a password and want to change the URL, you will have to enter the password first :

for Mac OS X (Intel)for Windows Vista and newer

    Version history
v1 2007 Initial release
v3.2 2016
Linux version discontinued.
The Linux version is discontinued. Too much hassle to keep it up-to-date.
New version-detection
As of v3.2, the app will check for a new new version and pop-up a notification dialog with a link
Window size
The last known window-size will now be remembered. At startup, the window will always begin at top 45, left 1 and resize itself according to the saved width and height.
The app now uses webkit, if present.
Loading URL in MS-Windows
There was a problem with loading an URL under MS-Windows. This has been fixed.
Instead of having one preferences file in use by all copies of Direct URL, each copy now gets its own preferences file, named like this: durl-[app name].ini
v3.3 2016
Application Name in MacOS X
In MacOS X the application name, when running, was always 'Direct URL', regardless of the name of the website you gave the copy.
This has now been fixed. For Xojo coders who want to this too, see here for the solution:
I have left the 'About' and 'Quit' menu-items untouched, so these still show 'About Direct URL' and 'Quit Direct URL'.

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