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 A tool to batch change file names

With this program you can prepend, change of append text to file names (not folders, only files). Drag lists of files onto the icon or window and when you are done, click the gears-icon in the toolbar to start the renaming process.

The application icon and the nice toolbar icons come from Drew Wilson.



List of files to process
To remove a file from the list, click it and hit the BACKSPACE or DEL (Fn + Backspace) key. The file path is removed from the list.

Drag & Drop
You can drag and drop files on the application icon in the Finder or in the Dock, whether it is running or not. If the application is already running, the newly dropped files will be added to the current list.

process 032The Process button processes all the files in the list.
reload 032The Start over button only resets the list. The other settings remain untouched.

It shows its progress via mac OS Notifications, which you can control via System Preferences:


Download 64bit for MacDonate via PaypalDownload 64bit for Windows

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