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SetEXIFData 5.5

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


Due to an updated code environment (latest Xojo and latest MBS plugins), a few changes were needed.

- Show/Hide Info toolbar button is no more.
- The drawer-window used for previews is also gone. Xojo does not support these anymore.

- Each preview now opens in its own window, which means you can now visually compare EXIF-data of multiple images at the same time. All preview windows are automatically closed when processing or starting over.

- Increased the font size back to the system-default.
- The geo-tagging window doesn't close when 'Set startup' is clicked. Instead, the button is disabled. To set new startup coordinates, close and reopen the geo-tagging window.
- Implemented an improved map browser, which now uses webkit per default. It updates the map correctly while dragging or zooming.
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Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook to Evernote @outlook #outlook #apple #email @evernote #evernote #applescript #veritrope #backup #cloudstorage

Bg fix in the Send E-Mail to Evernote script:

- Some splitting needed with multipart/alternative Base64-encoded e-mails.

More info on the download page.
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Direct URL 3.3 #directurl #ssb #kioskbrowser #webbrowser #internet #xojo #website #browser

A new version of Direct URL, my Site Specific Browser (SSB), is now available.


Application Name in MacOS X
In MacOS X the application name, when running, was always 'Direct URL', regardless of the name of the website you gave the copy.
This has now been fixed. For Xojo coders who want to this too, see here for the solution:

I have left the 'About' and 'Quit' menu-items untouched, so these still show 'About Direct URL' and 'Quit Direct URL'.
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Foto: Zonsondergang omarmd door bomen / Sunset embraced by trees

Sunset embraced by trees
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Check / Identify which version of Mac OS X is on your Recovery HD partition

There is an easy way to check which version of Mac OS X is on your Recovery HD partitions.
Since you can have such a partition on each attached Mac-formatted disk, it's interesting to know if they are all up-to-date.
To find out how, click here!
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Direct URL 3.2

A new version of Direct URL, my Site Specific Browser (SSB), is now available.


Linux version discontinued
The Linux version is discontinued. Too much hassle to keep it up-to-date.

New version-detection
- As of v3.2, the app will check for a new new version and pop-up a notification dialog with a link.

Window size
- The last known window-size will now be remembered. At startup, the window will always begin at top 45, left 1 and resize itself according to the saved width and height.

- The app now uses webkit, if present.

Loading URL in MS-Windows
- There was a problem with loading an URL under MS-Windows. This has been fixed.

- Instead of having one preferences file in use by all copies of Direct URL, each copy now gets its own preferences file, named like this: durl-[app name].ini
- If you have used the 'Preferences…', this change breaks it. You have to specify any special URLs and/or passwords again.
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SetEXIFData 5.4

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Added 'Set the File Create Date/Time to the Date/Time Original' which modifies the 'Date created' in the Finder.
- Added 'Set the File Modify Date/Time to the Date/Time Original' which modifies the 'Date modified' in the Finder.
Both settings use the first date found according to the order specified in under 'Preferences->File Rename settings->EXIF date fields search order'.

New (video files):
- Video formats were not accepted by SetEXIFData, although EXIFtool can handle them. The following video extensions are now accepted: moov, mov, qt ,mqv, m4v, mp4.
A note to processing video files: the individual track-sections will not be modified, only the container. Video files only allow 1 keyword. The 'Extra camera info' is not part of EXIF for video files. No preview available in the drawer.

Fix (renaming files):
- Fixed a crash with images with no EXIF dates and times at all.

- Fixed a problem with single quotes in a file's name.
- The drawer now closes when processing is started.
- Internal code enhancements.
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ICSviewer 2.7

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 2.7.

From / To dates selection fixed.
From / To dates would take the chosen date, but with the current time as as start or endpoint.
For example: 01-01-2016 09:10:34 to 13-12-2016 09:10:34
This would cause events on 01 jan 2016 earlier than 09:10 and events on 13 dec 2016 later then 09:10 not to show up.
From / To dates now use 00:00:00 as From time and 23:59:59 as To-time.

About-window at start
The About-window will not show itself automatically anymore when opening the app.
The about window would pop-up each time you start the application until you donated; only then it would not pop-up anymore.
Since this is a bit annoying, I moved the Paypal-button to the main window. When you donate, this button wil disappear.

New version-detection
As of v2.7, the app will check for a new new version and pop-up a notification dialog with a link.
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SetEXIFData 5.3

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Added 'Preferences...' menu-option.

New (renaming files):
- Added preferences with which you can set the search order of EXIF date/time and image number fields for renaming files. This way you can tell SetEXIFData exactly which EXIF fields to look for first, and if not present the next one, and so on.
- Added a preference where you can specify the minimum number of digits for the image number to use while renaming. Smaller numbers are prepended with zeros to match the number of digits you specified. For example, 15, formatted with 5 digits, becomes 00015.

New (geotag):
- Added a preference where you can set the default geo-coordinates to start with when you click the 'Geotag'-button.

- If while renaming files using '%x', no EXIF image number fields are found, '%x' will be replaced by 'minimum # of digits' zeros.
- Certain RAW formats were not accepted by SetEXIFData. The following photo extensions are now accepted: 3fr, ari, ciff, cr2, crw, cs1, dcr, dcs, dng, eps, epsf, erf, fff, gif, icm, jng, jp2, jpeg, jpg, jpx, mdc, mef, mie, mng, mos, mrw, nef, nrw, orf, pbm, pef, pgm, png, ppm, ps, psd, ptx, r3d, raf, rw2, rwl, sr2, srf, srw, thm, tif, tiff, vrd, x3f, xmp

Note: although now you can drag and drop certain RAW file types on SetEXIFData, not all of these are supported by EXIFtool for writing back to. Check Phil's site for the 'Supported File Types'-table.
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SetEXIFData 5.2

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Renaming a file without using any placeholders works again.
- When renaming a file, a minimum of 3 characters must be present in the 'Document name' field.
- Renaming with '%x' now formats sequence numbers below 1000 with leading zeros: 28 becomes 0028.
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