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SetEXIFData 6.4 #setexifdata #photo #foto #image #fotobewerking #exiftool #exif #exifdata #photography #fotografie #keywords #copyright #author #artist

A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Getting the date/time from file name repeated the same date/time to all photos when no interval was used.
- Getting the sequence-number or subseconds from file name only picked 2 digits. This is now 4 digits.
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Keuken Stilleven - Kitchen Still Life #foto #photo #art #fotografie #photography #keuken #kitchen #stilleven #silllife

Keuken stilleven - Kitchen still life
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SetEXIFData 6.3

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Clicking the red close button of the main window would cause the 64bit version of SetEXIFData to crash.
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SetEXIFData 6.2

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Saved startup-geocoordinates were sorted ascending. This was a bug that's been there since v5.3 and wasn't discovered until yesterday.
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SetEXIFData 6.1

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Various problems with getting the date and/or time from file names.
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Blokzijl, 15-01-2017
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Trees floating in the mist

Trees floating in the mist
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Foto: Slak neemt de snelweg / Snail takes the highway

Slak neemt de snelweg / Snail takes highway
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SetEXIFData 6.0

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Serial numbers are version independent, and thus remain valid for v6.

- Get the elevation (in meters) of the Geo-location into GPSAltitude.
- GPSAltitude is saved into XMP:GPSAltitude.
- Moved the 'Comment' field into the first panel. It is still being filled with the address data from the 'Keywords and Geotag' panel.
- If you click Allow or Cancel when MacOS X asks for permission to access your Contacts, your choice is saved as a preference. This new setting can be found under the menu-option 'Preferences...'
- Moved the camera info fields into their own panel, named 'Camera'. These settings are still saved when you create a preset via the Artist popup menu.
- Added CameraLabel. This tag is filled with 'CameraMake, CameraModel'.
- Added LensMake and LensModel.
- Added LensInfo as 4 individual fields: MinFocalLength, MaxApertureAtMinFocal, MaxFocalLength and MaxApertureAtMaxFocal. These settings are also saved as Camera info when you create a preset via the Artist popup menu.
- Added 'ObjectName', although read more …
- Added 'Author', although read more …

- GPSLongitude and GPSLatitude are now saved as is: positive or negative.
- GPSLongitude and GPSLatitude are now prefixed with the XMP: group, which was the only way to get the GPS-data into PNG images which Apple Preview will display in the Info-panel.
- GPS-data are written on a per-field basis, only if the individual fields contain data. For example, if you enter data in Latitude and leave the rest empty, only Latitude and LatitudeRef are written.
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Haworthia margaritifera (Aristata)

Enige tijd geleden heb ik bij de ALDI een pot met 3 dezelfde cactussen gekocht. Na even Googlen bleek dit een Haworthia margaritifera, ook bekend onder de naam Aristata, te zijn. Dus geen cactus.
Op een bepaald moment stierf er eentje af en heb ik ze verpot, ieder in een eigen pot, bij mij voor het raam, op het zuiden. En toen ging begon het goed. Lees meer ...

Some time ago I bought a pot with three the same cacti at ALDI. After some Googling this proved to be a Haworthia margaritifera, also known as Aristata. So no cactus. At one time one died and I repotted them, each in its own pot in front of my window, facing south. And then it started going well. Read more ...

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Various software updates (SetEXIFData, ICSViewer and HandbrakePM)

My three main apps are updated with new toolbar icons (if applicable) and now look great on HiDPI (Retina) displays.

SetEXIFData v5.9 ->
HandbrakePM v1.7 ->
ICSViewer v2.8 ->

- The label 'Camera mode' in SetEXIFData has been corrected into 'Camera model' - the 'l' dropped off when I reset the size of the font back to the system default.
- Bug fixed in HandbrakePM with loading Handbrake presets.
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SetEXIFData 5.8

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- When retrieving the date from the file name, you can now specify the time to use, if it's missing from the file's name, in the Date/Time fields. Also, if you process multiple photos with the same date immediately one after the other, you can use the Time interval fields to add or subtract hours/minutes/seconds or increment just the sequence number.
- You can now select an address from your Mac Contacts, via a pop-up menu to the right of the 'Geotag'-button, and then click on the 'Geotag'-button to get its GPS coordinates. When you select an address from the pop-up, it has precedence over entered Lat/Lon coordinates. Also, the checkbox 'Put address in comment' will automatically be checked, but can be manually unchecked.

- GPSLatitudeRef and GPSLongitudeRef are now also written. These values are needed while importing in, for example, Google Photos. Some of these photo-apps do not interpret postive GPS-values as default N and E.
- Interval time fields are enabled again after choosing the menu-option 'EXIF Dates or ...'.
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SetEXIFData 5.7

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- A pop-up menu with new choices: take the Finder's 'Date created' or 'Date modified' as the 'Date/Time original'.
- Moved the checkbox 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name' also into the new pop-up menu.
- Added an 'Auto-fill' checkbox next to 'Caption/Description', which also takes the filename and puts in the following (new) EXIF tags: Caption-Abstract, Description, ImageDescription, Title, XPSubject and XPTitle.
- 'Comment' is now also written to EXIF tag: XPComment.

- Preserve the File Modify Date/Time was ignored when renaming files.
- An endless loop was found when using a pattern with 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name' for which no more numbers were present.
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SetEXIFData 5.6

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Crash: When renaming with %x and none of the preferred sequence number-fields could be found.
- Preferences: Not being able to select any of the 'SubSecTime*'-fields when 'SubSecDateTimeOriginal' was present in the Dates-list.
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Tiled Canal at the Palace of Queluz, Portugal

Last year we went to visit Lisbon and its surrounding environment.
That's where we found the Palace of Queluz ... what a history it has!

The most stunning part I found, was the tiled swimming pool - I think it must have been used as a swimming pool also, instead of being just a simple canal.
With the sun in my back, a made a series of photos of one side of the tiled interior and stitched them together with Photoshop to create a big 'panorama' so you can enjoy this wall in its entirety from anywhere .
Of course you really have to visit the palace to indulge in its beauty.

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SetEXIFData 5.5

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


Due to an updated code environment (latest Xojo and latest MBS plugins), a few changes were needed.

- Show/Hide Info toolbar button is no more.
- The drawer-window used for previews is also gone. Xojo does not support these anymore.

- Each preview now opens in its own window, which means you can now visually compare EXIF-data of multiple images at the same time. All preview windows are automatically closed when processing or starting over.

- Increased the font size back to the system-default.
- The geo-tagging window doesn't close when 'Set startup' is clicked. Instead, the button is disabled. To set new startup coordinates, close and reopen the geo-tagging window.
- Implemented an improved map browser, which now uses webkit per default. It updates the map correctly while dragging or zooming.
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Foto: Zonsondergang omarmd door bomen / Sunset embraced by trees

Sunset embraced by trees
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SetEXIFData 5.4

icon (rond)
A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Added 'Set the File Create Date/Time to the Date/Time Original' which modifies the 'Date created' in the Finder.
- Added 'Set the File Modify Date/Time to the Date/Time Original' which modifies the 'Date modified' in the Finder.
Both settings use the first date found according to the order specified in under 'Preferences->File Rename settings->EXIF date fields search order'.

New (video files):
- Video formats were not accepted by SetEXIFData, although EXIFtool can handle them. The following video extensions are now accepted: moov, mov, qt ,mqv, m4v, mp4.
A note to processing video files: the individual track-sections will not be modified, only the container. Video files only allow 1 keyword. The 'Extra camera info' is not part of EXIF for video files. No preview available in the drawer.

Fix (renaming files):
- Fixed a crash with images with no EXIF dates and times at all.

- Fixed a problem with single quotes in a file's name.
- The drawer now closes when processing is started.
- Internal code enhancements.
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SetEXIFData 5.3

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Added 'Preferences...' menu-option.

New (renaming files):
- Added preferences with which you can set the search order of EXIF date/time and image number fields for renaming files. This way you can tell SetEXIFData exactly which EXIF fields to look for first, and if not present the next one, and so on.
- Added a preference where you can specify the minimum number of digits for the image number to use while renaming. Smaller numbers are prepended with zeros to match the number of digits you specified. For example, 15, formatted with 5 digits, becomes 00015.

New (geotag):
- Added a preference where you can set the default geo-coordinates to start with when you click the 'Geotag'-button.

- If while renaming files using '%x', no EXIF image number fields are found, '%x' will be replaced by 'minimum # of digits' zeros.
- Certain RAW formats were not accepted by SetEXIFData. The following photo extensions are now accepted: 3fr, ari, ciff, cr2, crw, cs1, dcr, dcs, dng, eps, epsf, erf, fff, gif, icm, jng, jp2, jpeg, jpg, jpx, mdc, mef, mie, mng, mos, mrw, nef, nrw, orf, pbm, pef, pgm, png, ppm, ps, psd, ptx, r3d, raf, rw2, rwl, sr2, srf, srw, thm, tif, tiff, vrd, x3f, xmp

Note: although now you can drag and drop certain RAW file types on SetEXIFData, not all of these are supported by EXIFtool for writing back to. Check Phil's site for the 'Supported File Types'-table.
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SetEXIFData 5.2

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


- Renaming a file without using any placeholders works again.
- When renaming a file, a minimum of 3 characters must be present in the 'Document name' field.
- Renaming with '%x' now formats sequence numbers below 1000 with leading zeros: 28 becomes 0028.
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SetEXIFData 5.1

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


As of version 5, SetEXIFData is now shareware.

If you have donated for SetEXIFData in the past, please e-mail me your Paypal transaction-reference and I will e-mail you your serial number. I am asking you to take action yourself, because email addresses on file are not always actual anymore.

- The link to Paypal has been updated to the new Paypal payment-links. You should now see who you donate to and what for.
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SetEXIFData 5.0

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


As of version 5, SetEXIFData is now shareware.

If you have donated for SetEXIFData in the past, please e-mail me your Paypal transaction-reference and I will e-mail you your serial number. I am asking you to take action yourself, because email addresses on file are not always actual anymore.

- Added 'Email address' and 'Serial number' fields and a processing limit of max 5 photos a time. When you make a donation, you will get a serial number mailed to your PayPal email address. Enter both in the appropriate fields in the 'About..'-window and the processing limit will be removed.
- Added SubSeconds (or Burst Sequence Number or ImageNumber or ImageCount) to the Date/Time settings. You can insert a value in just this field if you only want to number photos - no need to fill dates/times. It wil set the following EXIF attributes: SequenceNumber, ImageCount, ImageNumber, SubSecTime, SubSecTimeOriginal. When 'Set Creation Date/Time ...' is checked, also the EXIF attribute 'SubSecTimeDigitized' wil be altered.
- Added '%x' pattern in 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name' to retrieve 3 digits from the file's name and store that number in the previous mentioned EXIF fields. It is up to you to correctly position this placeholder. Read the manual on my website on how to do this.
- Added '%x' pattern to the rename-pattern in 'Document name' when the 'Rename' checkbox is checked. When '%x' is found, the following number from the EXIF data is taken to rename the image file with: SequenceNumber, ImageNumber, ImageCount, ShutterCount, ShotNumberSincePowerUp, SubSecTime, SubSecTimeOriginal or SubSecTimeDigitized - whichever comes first.

- The main window is now resizable.
- No readme cq. manual included in the download any more. The always up-to-date version can be found by clicking the link on this 'About...'-window.

- 'Autofill' caused problems with processing multiple images.
- 'Titlecase' did not always work. Now you have to explicitly execute it by clicking a button. This way you can titlecase keywords and afterwards lowercase individual words, like 'and' and 'or', by hand.
- Possible crash while renaming files based on EXIF dates is repaired.
- Various internal improvements.
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SetEXIFData 4.7 PPC

A new version of SetEXIFData for PowerPC, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

Version 5.0 is also out, but that one is Intel-only and as of now also shareware.
You can keep using this PPC version for as long as you like.
The PPC version will receive no functionality updates, only bugs will be fixed.

- 'Autofill' caused problems with processing multiple images.
- Possible crash while renaming files based on EXIF dates is repaired.
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Foto: Bodembedekkers

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Foto: Amphibious car / Amfibie-auto

Amfibie auto
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SetEXIFData 4.6

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

On request:
- Compiled a Universal Binary (UB) version for use on PowerPC and older Intel Macs. You can download it from my site.
- Added 'Save as set' for Geotags. If 'Put address in comment' is checked, the Comment (street address) is saved with the GPS coordinates.
- A double-click on a row in the EXIF-list inside the drawer, copies the value of the right column to the clipboard.
- Improved test if 'exiftool' has been installed.

A note about the Universal Binary (UB) version
Since september 2016 there is a UB version available, for PowerPC and Intel Macs. The UB version is still 1:1 the same with the current Intel version, but may differ in the future, since I use my old Powerbook G4 to keep the UB version current. When it dies, the UB version developments will also stop. Until then I will do my best to keep both versions the same qua functionality.

- Negative intervals lower than -9, like -10, could not be entered.
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Foto: Azrael in het vogelhuisje

Azrael in vogelhuisje
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New Subtle Faces - Nieuwe Subtiele Gezichten #foto #photo #gezicht #face #imagination #fantasie #figuren #vormen #shapes #figures

I have added two new 'faces' to -> the collection :
Ik heb twee nieuwe 'gezichten' toegevoegd aan -> de collectie :

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The Best Snack

The Best Snack
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Foto: Zsazsa op de fiets

Zsazsa op de fiets
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Zes Jaren Asfalt Wegenbouw in Nederland

Enige tijd geleden vond ik op een rommelmarkt een leuk boekje uit 1929 of 1930 over het destijds nieuwe, revolutionaire product: asfalt.
Het leuke aan dit boekje is hoe het is opgemaakt en vooral de foto's in het boekje. Hier zien we delen van Nederland tussen 1923 en 1930 vanuit een hele andere hoek.


Ik heb het boekje gescand en twee digitale versies gemaakt. Klik op de omschrijving om de betreffende versie te downloaden:

Asfalt-Wegenbouw in Nederland (1929).cbz

Asfalt-Wegenbouw in Nederland (1929).pdf

CBZ is voor Comic Book readers. Eigenlijk gewoon alle JPG's in een ZIP file.
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SetEXIFData 4.4

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

- TAB-bing order of input fields corrected.

- Hitting the DEL or BACKSPACE key on an empty line in the list window gave an OutOfBounds exception.
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De Spookboerderij

Mijn foto van de Spookeik is gebruikt in het boekje 'De Spookboerderij', geschreven door Manon Sikkel.


Ik ben natuurlijk zeer vereerd, want het is een erg leuk verhaal. Daar past deze foto heel mooi bij.
Wat je op deze foto nog ziet, zijn de oude boerderijen. Deze hebben intussen plaatsgemaakt voor de pannenkoekenboerderij De Reuvershoeve, waar de presentatie van het boekje plaatsvond op 3 okt 2015.

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Foto: Zur Kartoffel Hütt'n

Zur Kartoffel Hütt'n
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SetEXIFData 4.2

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v4.2 (29-apr-2016)
- Set EXIF dates and times based on a date [and time] in the file name of the image.

See the web page for more info. Look for 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name'.
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Various software updates (SetEXIFData, ICSViewer, HandbrakePM and DirectURL)

My four main apps all have now their own webpages instead of being part of the old accordion page.

SetEXIFData ->
HandbrakePM ->
ICSViewer ->
DirectURL ->

ICSViewer has some new additions:
  • Sheet windows instead of modals,
  • Link to new webpage,
  • Better display of bigger text on Windows,
  • 'Line No.' column now has a line number,
  • ’Start at’ and 'End at' columns now also include the date in ISO format for better sorting.

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SetEXIFData 4.0

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v4.0 (17-apr-2016)
- Renaming your photos based on EXIF dates and times.

See the web page for more info. Look for 'DocumentName'.
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Foto: Taiga in de regenton

Taiga in de regenton
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SetEXIFData 3.4

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v3.4 (1-apr-2016)
- Tabbed panes to reduce window-height. The high window was a problem on small screens.
- The Artist & Copyright pop-up memnu now also saves 'Camera make', 'Camera model' and 'Extra camera info' fields.
- Tab-order is fixed. Using the TAB-key, the fields are now selected in the right order: top-down, left to right.

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Foto: Paddestoel in de voortuin / Mushroom in the front yard

Paddestoel in onze voortuin
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Postpone Selling Photo's / Uitstellen Foto Verkoop

Sinds het verkopen van mijn foto’s niet mijn primaire werk gaat worden, heb ik de foto-bestel pagina vervangen door een Flickr diashow van mijn foto-stream.
Mocht u alsnog foto’s willen bestellen of laten maken, neem dan gelijk contact met mij op (mijn e-mail adres vindt u onderaan elke pagina).

Since selling my photo’s is not becoming my primary business, I replaced the photo-ordering page with a Flickr slideshow of my photo stream.
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Foto: iMac 2010 screen

iMac 2010 screen
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New Subtle Faces - Nieuwe Subtiele Gezichten

I have added some new 'faces' to -> the collection, like this one:
Ik heb wat nieuwe 'gezichten' toegevoegd aan -> de collectie, zoals deze:

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Foto: Vreemd insect

Strange insect
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Foto: Taiga met haar appel

Taiga met haar appel
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Foto: Spinnenweb - Spider Web

Terugwandelend van boodschappen doen viel ons dit raam op. Wel heel apart.

Spinnenweb / Spider Web
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Foto: Broek in Waterland - Het Havenrak

Nostalgie - het Havenrak in Broek in Waterland waar ik een groot deel heb doorgebracht tijdens mijn jeugd.


Nostalgia - the Havenrak in Broek in Waterland where I spent much of my childhood.
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Foto: Spelderholt

Het is alweer lang, lang geleden dat ik wat met mijn foto’s heb gedaan. Druk druk druk met websites bouwen. Daarom is de tijd voor weer wat afwisseling aangebroken en ga ik verder met het opruimen van mijn foto’s en het weer starten met de Picture Of The Week via Flickr. Een Picture Of The Day is me te frequent en kan ik niet aanhouden ;-)


It's been a long, long time since I've done something with my photographs. Busy busy busy with building websites. Therefore, the time has come again for some variety and I continue to clean up my photos and start again with the Picture Of The Week through Flickr. A Picture Of The Day is too frequent and something I can not keep up ;-)
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iOS Backgrounds for lock- and home-screen

I have uploaded two new background images for use as backgrounds on your iPhone to the collection (click here to view and download my collection). Image 11-A can be used for the lock-screen and image 11-B is especially made for use with the home-screen. Of course these are not bound to iOS - you can use them on Android phones too.

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Subtle Faces

Ik heb een nieuwe foto-pagina gemaakt: Subtle Faces
Hier worden foto's geplaatst van niet-menselijke en niet-dierlijke objecten waarin ik gezichten herken.

I have created a new photo page: Subtle Faces
Here shall be posted pictures from non-human and non-animal objects in which I recognize faces.
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Zwaantje op mijn koffie

door barista Daan Vos
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Slide Shows of Events

Vanaf vandaag voeg ik dia-voorstellingen van evenementen en thema's aan mijn 'Fotoshop' webpagina toe. Ik zal ook panorama's en films bijvoegen als ik die heb gemaakt.

De eerste voorstelling toont foto's van de auto-rodeo in Wilp-Achterhoek.
De tweede voorstelling gaat over het Tractor Pulling evenement in Ameland.

- - - - - - - - - -

As of today I am adding slide shows of events and themes to my 'Fotoshop' web page. I shall also include panoramas and movies if I made them.

The first slide show is of a car rodeo in Wilp-Achterhoek.
The second show is about Tractor Pulling at Ameland.
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Foto's uit militaire dienst van 1981 bij mijn OYPO webshop

Het werd weer tijd om mijn OYPO webshop uit te breiden. De toegevoegde foto's zijn gemaakt tijdens mijn militaire diensttijd in 1981, toen ik ook nog aan modelbouw deed.

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Mijn foto van de Spookeik op de website van de Bomenstichting

Ben ik vorig jaar begonnen mijn fotografie-hobby weer op te pakken en dit jaar mijn Fotoshop op te zetten om mijn foto's te verkopen voor op leuke dingen, komt vanzelf de aanvraag voor het gebruik van een mijner foto's voor een advertentie van de Bomenstichting en hebben zij mijn foto op de homepage van de Bomenstichting geplaatst! Wat een eer!
S5031929 - Spookeik copy
De Bomenstichting zet zich in voor het behoud van bomen in Nederland en biedt ondersteuning aan Nederlanders die ondersteuning zoeken in de 'strijd' tegen (semi-)overheden en/of buren die graag bomen willen omzagen. Bomen zijn belangrijk voor een goed klimaat en mooie, oude bomen zijn ook nog eens een lust voor het oog en alleen al daarom zou men zich drie keer moeten bedenken voordat de zaag er in gaat.

Wilt u helpen voorkomen dat overheden en gemeenten kaalslag propageren boven behoud bij nieuwe projecten of zgn. regulier onderhoud?
Wordt dan donateur van de Bomenstichting.
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Dodewaard foto's uit 1980 bij mijn OYPO webshop

Ik heb weer wat nieuwe foto's uit mijn archief aan mijn OYPO webshop toegevoegd. Deze zijn mooi donker en dreigend, gemaakt met een 400ASA zwart/wit film. De grove korrel komt mooi naar voren.


De serie is gemaakt op 19-10-1980 tijdens de demonstratie tegen de kerncentrale in Dodewaard.
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Mooi weer bij de jaarlijke rommelmarkt in Zutphen

Dit jaar was het weer een mooie dag voor de jaarlijkse rommelmarkt in de Spittaalstraat in Zutphen. Druk en erg gezellig.

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Nieuwe foto's bij mijn OYPO webshop

Ik heb weer drie nieuwe foto's uit mijn archief aan mijn OYPO webshop toegevoegd. Leuk voor een ansicht of op een beker!


Gedigitaliseerde dia's gemaakt in 1980 in Zuid-Frankrijk.
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Nieuwe oudjes toegevoegd aan mijn fotoshop

Ik heb weer even de tijd genomen om verder te gaan met mijn fotoshop. Vandaag heb ik foto's toegevoegd uit 1980, gemaakt tijdens de kroning van prinses Beatrix te Amsterdam. Neem eens een kijkje, misschien herken je iemand en schenk je hem of haar, of jezelf, een poster van een foto!

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Sell my photo's via OYPO

Vanaf vandaag verkoop ik mijn foto's via OYPO. Bij de OYPO webshop kan je afdrukken bestellen op bekers, iPhone-hoesjes, T-shirts, fotopapier, canvas en op nog veel meer leuke dingen. En natuurlijk een kopie van de foto zelf als je deze, of een deel ervan, in je eigen projecten wilt gebruiken.

Ga eens kijken naar mijn Fotoshop en bij OYPO. Veel plezier!

Als je wilt weten hoe ik OYPO in mijn RapidWeaver-site heb geïntegreerd en of ik hetzelfde voor jou kan doen, neem dan gewoon contact met mij op.

Mocht je iets willen laten fotograferen of zoek je een specifiek onderwerp, aarzel niet om mij te vragen of ik wat voor je kan doen!

As of today I am selling my photo's via OYPO. At the OYPO webshop you can order prints on mugs, on iPhone-cases, on T-shirts, photo-paper, canvas and on a lot of other fun stuff. And of course a copy of the image itself if you want to use it, or part of it, in your own projects.

Have look at my Fotoshop and at OYPO. Enjoy!

If you want to know how I integrated OYPO in my RapidWeaver-site and if I can do the same for you, simply contact me.

If you want to have something photographed or are looking for a specific subject, do not hesitate to ask me if I can be of any service to you!

Ab heute verkaufe ich meine Fotos über OYPO. Am OYPO Webshop können Sie Abzüge auf Tassen, iPhone-Hüllen, T-Shirts, Fotopapier, Leinwand und auf eine Menge andere lustige Sachen bestellen. Und natürlich eine Kopie des Bildes selbst, wenn Sie es, oder ein Teil davon, verwenden möchten in Ihren eigenen Projekten.

Schauen Sie sich in meinem Fotoshop und OYPO mal um. Genießen Sie!

Wenn Sie wissen möchten wie ich OYPO in meinem Rapidweaver-Website integriert habe, und ob ich das gleiche für Sie tun kann, kontaktieren Sie mich einfach.

Wenn Sie etwas fotografiert haben möchten oder nach einem bestimmten Thema suchen, zögern Sie nicht mich zu fragen ob ich für Sie eine Lösung habe!
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Photex Tilt Shift Micro Four Thirds M4/3

Photex Tilt Shift M43

Voor het digitale tijdperk gebruikte ik een 35mm tilt-shift Canon-lens op mijn Canon A1-body. Deze dagen zijn nu voorbij en dit jaar heb ik een Panasonic Lumix GF6 aangeschaft. Natuurlijk miste ik de tilt-shift lens en ben gelijk op zoek gegaan en vond na lang zoeken op Amazon de enige tilt-shift voor de M4/3-bajonet, van Photex. Mocht iemand een andere tilt-shift voor M4/3 weten, laat mij dat dan a.u.b. in een commentaar weten.
Deze lens is geheel handmatig - geen automatische scherpstelling etc.. Dus ben ik erg blij dat de GF6 een 'geen lens'-modus heeft, waardoor ik lenzen zonder ingebouwde computer-technologie kan gebruiken. Helaas geen 35mm maar 50mm, dus ik moet wat meer afstand nemen van echt hoge gebouwen, maar verder werkt hij prima.
In the old days I used a 35mm Canon tilt-shift on my A1-body. Those days are over now and this year I went for the Panasonic Lumix GF6. Of course I need to rebuild my collection of lenses to get back on track, only digital now. I am very happy that the GF6 has a 'no lens'-mode for lenses without any built-in computer-technology, like this 50mm Photex tilt-shift lens. Completely manual operation and it works great!

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Your bike as camera support with Joby Gorillapod

Always take a Joby Gorillapod with you. If you forget your big tripod, you can always use your bike for support!

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Foto: Marseille en een stukje Provence

Panorama Marseille Port, France

Panorama Marseille Centre, France

Panorama Provence, France
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Foto: Baantjer Impressum

Baantjer Impressum
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Foto: Kasteel Hernen

Kasteel Hernen
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Foto: Abstract Light

Abstract light 08
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Foto: Mini viooltje / Mini pansy

Mini viooltje
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Foto: Brem in bloei

Brem in bloei
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Foto: Ice Dick / IJspenis

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iOS Home Screen Backgrounds

I created my first series of iOS Home Screen backgrounds and you can see and download them from this page.
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Yourhead Collage 2 not working in IE9

I found the bug that blocked YourHead's Collage 2 from working in Internet Explorer 9. You can read about it at, and download the corrected plug-in from, the YourHead Support Forum. I attached it there to my last response. If you can't download it from there, contact me and I'll mail you the 2MB zipped file.

Do not 'install' the unzipped file. Rather copy it to /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/

You can open your 'Library' folder, if you do not see it, like described here:

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Foto: City Wall in Zutphen

Stadswal in Zutphen vanuit Badhuisweg
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Foto: Old Water Tower in Gorinchem

Gorinchem - Oude Watertoren / Old Water Tower
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Foto: Cannon Fire in Gorinchem

Gorinchem - Kanon
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Foto: Still Life

Still Life of an Evening@Home

iPhone-apps experiments (tilt-shift, borders, coloring filters, vignettes).
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Foto: Night Train Impression

Night Train Impression
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Foto: Dinner in a hotel room

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Foto: Deer on Dune-top near Zandvoort

Deer on a dune-top
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Foto: iMac going crazy

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 18.18.04
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Foto: Fossiele Vissenkop?

Fossile Fish

We gingen fossielen zoeken bij Cadzand-Bad en eindigden uiteindelijk bij Het Zwind. Daar hebben we een middag lopen speuren en daarbij vond ik o.a. deze versteende vissenkop. De bek en het oog zitten ook aan de andere kant, maar of het inderdaad een vissenkop is.....?

We went looking for fossils at Cadzand-Bad but ended up at Het Zwind. There we have spent the afternoon hunting for fossils and then I found, a.o., this fossilized fish head. The beak and eye are also visible on the other side, but if it actually is a fish head....?
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Multihouse Reünie in Grand Hotel ter Duin, Burgh-Haamstede

In het weekeinde van 22 en 23 september 2012 was er een grootschalige reünie georganiseerd voor en door oud-Multihousers. Grote sponsors van dit idee zijn Inventive en Grand Hotel ter Duin geweest. Het hotel, de bar en het restaurant vond ik echt super! We hebben er heerlijk gegeten, gedronken en geslapen.

Alles over de reünie is te lezen op de website van Inventive. Hieronder vindt je een overzicht van de meegebrachte memorabilia en een hele kleine impressie van het hotel en de reünie - ik heb veel gekletst en weinig foto's gemaakt.

Als je op de memorabilia klikt, wordt er een 12MB grote foto geladen waarop alles wat beter te zien is. Als de foto dan geladen is, kan je met de meeste browsers er nog eens op klikken en dan wordt de foto vergroot tot de werkelijke grootte. Dan kan je alles nóg beter zien.

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Foto: Flower

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Foto: Baldeneysee

This time I felt like implementing PTViewer inside a blog-post just to see the effect. The photo is a panorama of Baldeneysee, which is also on Panoramio.

To pan left, right, up or down, hold down the left mouse button and drag in a direction. The further you drag in a direction, the faster the pano scrolls.
To zoom in, hold down a SHIFT-key and the left mouse button.
To zoom out, hold down a CTRL-key and the left mouse button.
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SetEXIFData 3.3

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v3.3 (8-sep-2012)
- Found a way to reactivate the app after processing so it responds to mouse clicks again. Hopefully this solves the problem where the app would not come forward.

v3.2 (07-sep-2012)
- Added support for a sticky Growl message when processing has finished, which lists all processed images.
Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 18.05.18
- Replaced the 'Done'-window with a text below the list-window, since the sheet-window-state did not react to mouse clicks when the app was in the background and ready with a conversion.
- Changed the sheet-window into a movable modal.

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Foto: Trees through Tree

Trees through Tree
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Foto: Zuid-Hollandse Molen at sunrise

Zuid-Hollandse Molen at sunrise
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Lens om Lens, Krant om Krant (1980)

Ik vond deze uitgave over misleiding in de journalistiek d.m.v. foto's in de boekenkast tijdens het opruimen en omdat het zo leuk is en zeldzaam, heb ik deze gedigitaliseerd. De PDF is hier te downloaden: Lens om Lens, Krant om Krant: een kroningsweek misleiding met dagbladfoto's.

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Foto: Paddestoeltjes

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Foto: Station Groningen

Gisteren kregen we, op de ouderdag van Gyas, een rondleiding door de stad Groningen. Zo zie je nog eens wat. Normaal rijd je daar geen 140km voor heen en weer, dus maakten we er dankbaar gebruikt van. Zo kwamen we ook in het station van Groningen. Wat een verassing was dat! Met een gewone foto komt zoiets niet tot zijn recht en de enige goede app om zulke panorama's te maken is, jaja, Microsoft Photosynth. De zaak eens rustig gefotografeerd terwijl de rest van de groep stevig doorliep en het resultaat staat op

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Foto: Berkenzwam

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Foto: Roots

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Foto: The Fence

The Fence
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Foto: Glowing Cave


I created this poster yesterday on my iPhone 4 with the Phoster-app. The only post processing was to lighten it a bit, with Preview. To view my original image used in the poster, click the poster.
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Foto: Time for boots

Time for boots
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Foto: Wet Clouds

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Foto: Fungus Circle

Fungus Circle
Fungus Circle by MrMacvos, on Flickr
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Foto: A dead tree looks like a whale

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Foto: Nestor

Nestor, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Sunbeams

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SetEXIFData 3.0

Version 3.0 of SetEXIFData is out, with the following changes:

  • Added a checkbox which can be set on to remove all keywords (and not add any new ones) from all the files in the files-list.
  • Added a checkbox which can be set on to titlecase all keywords, which was previously done automatically. It is set on by default.
  • Added a checkbox which can be set on to autofill the document name property of each photo listed with the current file name.

Bug fix:
  • Problem with assigning keywords for Preview, Photoshop CS5 and iPhoto has been fixed. Turns out these programs let '-subject' overrule '-keywords' for keywords.

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Foto: A gray, dreary morning

A gray, dreary morning, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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Foto: Ah, a bridge!

Ah, a bridge!, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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Foto: Winter in the Park

Winter in the Park, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Snowy Pine Tree

Snowy Pine Tree, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Autorodeo Wilp-Achterhoek 2003

Tijdens het laden in iPhoto van m'n gedigitaliseerde foto's kwam ik deze serie tegen. Even een diashowtje met iPhoto gemaakt met een toepasselijk muziekje erbij... en hop, zó heb je een leuk filmpje.
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Foto: Winter

Winter, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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PTViewer on Mac OS X

If you want to install ptviewer.jar (view 360° images) in /Applications, it won't start right. After you move it into /Applications, modify the permissions of the file: select the file, press CMD+I or select File->Get Info... from the menu bar:

Click on the lock (1) and enter the administrator's username and password. Usually that's you.
Next (2), set 'Everyone' to 'Read & Write' and close the window.

Now it works.
I made some photos of my office with my iPhone4, turning my desk chair 360 degrees and stitched them together on my iPhone with AutoStitch. Looks great in PTViewer!
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Foto: Contrasts


Contrasts, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Piece of Art


I made this artwork on my iPhone using different photo manipulating apps. It's called 'a dog drinks'. Fits modern art perfectly! No need to understand or 'get' it.
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Foto: Building


Building, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: NiceIce


NiceIce, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: You feel small...

You feel small..., originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Border

Border, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: See the forest through the trees!

See the forest through the trees!, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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Foto: Ambulance coming!

Ambulance coming!, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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Ik ben een nieuwe pagina gestart waarop ik al onze zelfgemaakte ansicht- en wenskaarten ga plaatsen. Ik pas de kaarten na eigen gebruik aan zodat ze algemeen toepasbare zijn. Van sommige heb ik de Photoshop file ook beschikbaar gesteld en die bevinden zich in de download link. Dus ... als je op Ameland zit of eens een andere kerst- of nieuwjaarskaart zoekt, kijk hier dan eens.
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Foto: Waiting for the twilight

Waiting for the twilight, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Street lights

Street lights, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Old wood


Old wood, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Wet forest


Wet forest, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Zunderdorp


Zunderdorp, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Windmill @ Posterenk


Windmill @ Posterenk, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Mirroring


Mirroring, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Another path


Another path, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Dead wood


Dead wood, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Some curious sheep


Some curious sheep, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Wood, a lot of wood


Wood, a lot of wood, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Knock on Wood


Knock on Wood, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Inhoudsopgaven Advanced Photoshop

De inhoudsopgaven van Advanced Photoshop heb ik in Evernote samengebracht en zijn voor iedereen toegankelijk èn doorzoekbaar op tekst:
Met dank aan Evernote die de PDF's and JPG's OCRt.
(zie ook de post m.b.t. iCreate voor een korte uitleg over hoe je kan zoeken in Evernote's publieke pagina's)

[De link naar Evernote bestaat niet meer - ik heb mijn abonnement opgezegd en zag geen reden om de oude inhoudsopgaven te bewaren]
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Foto: So many possible directions ...


So many possible directions ... hard to choose which one to take, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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Foto: Clouding your mind


Clouding your mind, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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Foto: They all stood still


They all stood still, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.
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SetEXIFData 2.9

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
  • Added a checkbox to set if the address data from Google Maps should be put into the comment field.
  • Added a 'Set startup' button on the geotag window so you can set your own startup coordinates when the window loads.
  • When 'Start over' is pressed, all new fields are now cleared too.
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SetEXIFData 2.8

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
  • Added fields for camera info: Make, Model & Extra Camera Info.
  • Added a field for a Document Name. You can store the original name of an image here.
  • Added a field for a Comments (goes into 'usercomment').
  • The Caption/Description is now also stored in 'imagedescription'.
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Foto: Nice Jugendstil design

IMG_0001-2010-04-27-21-12.JPG I suddenly saw this design on a house in Zutphen which I pass by for over 7 years already every now and then :-D But this day it really caught my attention and I found it so beautiful! I think I am going to use it as a logo on my letters.
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Inhoudsopgaven iCreate 1 t/m ...

Ik heb een abonnement op iCreate en omdat F&L dit magazine niet digitaal uitbrengt, houdt ik de inhoudsopgaven digitaal bij in Evernote, zodat ik ze toch kan doorzoeken naar een bepaald onderwerp. Ik heb dit Evernote notieblok shared gemaakt, zodat iedereen kan het gebruiken om te zoeken naar een artikel:

Rechtsboven is een zoekveld en daarmee kan je alle inhoudsopgaven doorzoeken naar steekwoorden, ook die met plaatjes of PDF inhoud. Evernote haalt de tekst er uit en slaat die apart, doorzoekbaar, op! Echt super!

Links zie je een knop 'Attributes'. Als je op het pijltje klikt volgen er submenus. Als je die opent door op het pijltje te klikken, krijg je extra filters waarmee je het overzicht kan aanpassen. Bijvoorbeeld 'Attributes->Contains->PDF' laat alleen de inhoudsopgaven zien met PDF inhoud. Dat heb ik gelukkig niet allemaal zelf hoeven te regelen, daar zorgt Evernote voor!


[De link naar Evernote bestaat niet meer - ik heb mijn abonnement opgezegd en zag geen reden om de oude inhoudsopgaven te bewaren]
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Image dimensions in MacJournal

MacJournal is a great blog and notebook program! However, you cannot see or edit the image's dimensions. You can drag the bottom-right corner when you want to resize an image, but also then there is no feedback regarding the image's dimensions. There is a way, though, to find out what the dimensions are, before you post. Use Art Directors Toolkit ($39.95, upgrade $19.95) or ARTIS Screen Tools ($9.95) rulers. Here is a screenshot of how you can measure an image in MacJournal with Art Director:

Here is also a screen shot with ARTIS rulers. Note that Art Director's rulers move as one block - they're connected like on a drawing table. But ARTIS Screen Rulers float independent from one another. So it is what you prefer.

Both these rulers always stay on top, and that is what is most important.

I looked at Free Ruler but those rulers are just like a document window - they do not float on top of everything. Then there is Rulers which places two rulers at your screen's top / left borders. They float on top of everything and you measure by placing horizontal and vertical guide lines on the screen. Both are not good for my purpose. For those who need it, ARTIS also offers grids and guides on your screen in the Screen Tools package as separate programs, which are, in my opinion a much nicer solution than Omnidea's Rulers.

Update 13-11-2015: Since then Xscope has emerged. Use that one, it is very good.
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SetEXIFData 2.7

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
This new version has the possibility of adding/subtracting a fixed amount of time and a minor repair.
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Geocodes for SetEXIFData

Ah, I finally got the Geocoding right! I was wondering why the pawn always jumped to the nearest known location or why it always gave the nearest known location although I put the pawn in the middle of nowhere. After examining lots of example's on Google's website I finally got it : the real geocodes are in the field. So now I return those to the caller - in this case SetEXIFData.

You do not need to update; it's all on the web-server side of things.
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SetEXIFData 2.5

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
This new version has
Geotagging and some minor repairs.
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Foto: Heidelberg


Dieses Wochenende waren wir in Heidelberg - was für eine wunderschöne Stadt.
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Foto: Zutphen

View of Zutphen's old side of the city. I took this photo with Pano on my iPhone 3G and enhanced it with Preview.
More panorama's by me : Panoramio.
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SetEXIFData 2.4

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
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