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2 AUTOSTART Disables the autostart feature on a node for all autostart queues managed by the specific queue manager. By default, this command uses the /QUEUES qualifier. Requires OPER (operator) privileges. Disabling autostart for queues notifies the queue manager to perform the following tasks on the affected node: o Mark all autostart queues as "stop pending" in preparation for a planned shutdown. o Prevent autostart queues from failing over to the node. o Upon completion of any jobs currently executing on one of the node's autostart queues, force the queue to fail over to the next available node in a queue's failover list (if any) on which autostart is enabled. (For information on failover lists for autostart queues, see the /AUTOSTART_ON qualifier for the INITIALIZE/QUEUE command.) Autostart queues on the node that do not have a failover list, or for which no failover node is enabled for autostart, are stopped upon completion of any current jobs. These stopped queues remain activated for autostart. The queue manager will restart these stopped autostart queues when the ENABLE AUTOSTART command is entered for the affected node or a node to which the queue can fail over. By default, the command affects the node on which it is entered. Use the /ON_NODE qualifier to disable autostart on a different node. On VAX systems by default, the command affects autostart queues managed by the default queue manager, SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER. Specify the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier to disable autostart of a different queue manager's autostart queues on the node. The DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES command is included in the node shutdown command procedure SHUTDOWN.COM. If you shutdown a node without using SHUTDOWN.COM, and the node is running autostart queues, you might want to enter the DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES command first. The DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES command only affects autostart queues. For more information on autostart queues, see the chapter on batch and print queues in the OpenVMS System Manager's Manual. Format DISABLE AUTOSTART[/QUEUES] 3 Qualifiers /NAME_OF_MANAGER /NAME_OF_MANAGER=name Specifies the name of the queue manager controlling the autostart queues you want to disable. The qualifier allows the autostart feature to be used differently for different sets of queues. If the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier is omitted, the default queue manager name SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER is used. For more information on multiple queue managers, see the OpenVMS System Manager's Manual. /ON_NODE /ON_NODE=nodename Specifies a node in an OpenVMS Cluster system. Use this qualifier to disable autostart on a node other than the one from which you enter the command. /QUEUES Specifies that autostart is to be disabled for queues. (This qualifier is used by default.) 3 Examples 1.$ INITIALIZE/QUEUE/BATCH/START/AUTOSTART_ON=SATURN:: BATCH_1 $ ENABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES . . . $ DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES In this example, the INITIALIZE/QUEUE command creates an autostart queue BATCH_1, capable of executing on node SATURN. The /START qualifier activates the queue for autostart. The ENABLE/AUTOSTART/QUEUES command (executed on node SATURN) enables autostart on the node, causing the queue (and any other active autostart queues on the node) to begin executing jobs. The DISABLE AUTOSTART command (executed on node SATURN) stops autostart queues on the node, and prevents any queues from failing over to the node. This command only affects queues managed by the default queue manager SYS$QUEUE_MANAGER because the /NAME_OF_MANAGER qualifier is not specified. Because BATCH_1 is set up to run only on one node, the queue cannot fail over to another node and therefore is stopped. However, the queue remains active for autostart and will be started when the ENABLE AUTOSTART command is entered for node SATURN. No START/QUEUE command is needed to restart BATCH_1 unless autostart of the queue is deactivated with the STOP /QUEUE/NEXT or STOP/QUEUE/RESET command. 2.$ DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES/ON_NODE=JADE The DISABLE AUTOSTART/QUEUES command in this example disables autostart on the OpenVMS Cluster node JADE. This command can be entered from any node in the cluster.

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