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Makes an improperly closed file accessible. Format UNLOCK filespec[,...] 2 Parameter filespec[,...] Specifies the name of the file to be unlocked. The asterisk (*) and the percent sign (%) wildcard characters are allowed. If you include more than one file specification, separate them with either commas (,) or plus signs (+). 2 Qualifiers /CONFIRM /CONFIRM /NOCONFIRM (default) Displays a query for each file being unlocked, to which you must respond Y (YES) or T (TRUE) to unlock the file. Any other response aborts the unlock operation. /LOG /LOG /NOLOG (default) Controls whether the UNLOCK command displays the file specification of each file being unlocked. 2 Examples 1.$ TYPE TST.OUT %TYPE-E-OPENIN, error opening DISK1:[STEVE]TST.OUT;3 as input -SYSTEM-W-FILELOCKED, file is deaccess locked $ UNLOCK TST.OUT $ TYPE TST.OUT In this example, the request to type the output file TST.OUT returns an error message indicating that the file is locked. The UNLOCK command unlocks it. Then the TYPE command is reentered to display the contents of the file. 2.$ UNLOCK NODE3::DISK0:[LISTS]MAILLIST3.LIS $ COPY NODE3::DISK0:[LISTS]MAILLIST3.LIS *.* In this example, you need a copy of the file MAILLIST3.LIS, which is locked on remote NODE3. Enter the UNLOCK command first and then copy the file to your current node, disk, and directory.

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