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1 TN3270

Starts a TELNET session that runs TN3270 and does one of the following: o Displays the TELNET prompt. o Establishes a connection to a remote host. For help with individual TELNET commands, enter: $ TN3270 TELNET> HELP Format TN3270 [ host ] [ /CHARACTER_SET=file ] [ /KEY_DEFINITIONS=file ] [ /NATIONAL_CHARACTERS=char_set ] [ /NOINTERACTIVE ] [ /PORT=n ] [ /PRINTER=file ] [ /STATUS=state ] [ /TERMINAL_TYPE=IBM-3278-n ] 2 Parameters host Optional. Remote host to which you want to connect. Specify one: o Host name o IP address 2 Qualifiers /CHARACTER_SET /CHARACTER_SET=file Optional. Default: ORIGINAL. File with the EBCDIC-to-DMCS (DIGITAL Multinational Character Set) and the DMCS-to-EBCDIC translation tables. If you omit this qualifier, TN3270: o Uses the translation table named by the default file SYS$LIBRARY:TN3270DEF.TBL, if your system manager has created it. o Defaults to its own translation table, if TN3270DEF.TBL does not exist. The default table maps the US EBCDIC set to the equivalent DMCS characters. If none of these translation tables meets your needs, the system manager can generate a new translation table. (See the DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Management manual for information about the EBCDIC / DMCS translation tables.) NOTE To reset the default, do not abbreviate ORIGINAL. /KEY_DEFINITIONS /KEY_DEFINITIONS=file Optional. Default: default keyboard layout. Keyboard definition file you created to redefine how the TN3270 key functions correspond to your keyboard layout. This file holds the definitions for alternative keyboard mapping. /NATIONAL_CHARACTERS /NATIONAL_CHARACTERS=character_set Optional. Defaults: For 8-bit terminals: MULTINATIONAL For 7-bit terminals: US_ASCII. National Replacement Character Set (NRCS) for which your DIGITAL terminal is configured. Specify one of the following: Canadian MULTINATIONAL Dutch Norwegian Finnish Spanish French Swedish German Swiss Italian UK_ASCII Japanese US_ASCII /NOINTERACTIVE Optional. Default: TELNET command mode. Disables the capability of using the escape character to leave a session and return to the TN3270 prompt. This option is useful when the TN3270 command is referenced in a command procedure in a captive account. /PORT /PORT=n Optional. Default: 23. Remote port to which you want your TELNET/TN3270 process to connect. Specify only if you are connecting to a host that does not use the standard TELNET port. /PRINTER /PRINTER=file Optional. Default: TN3270PRINT.LIS. File that records your screen's contents when you use the PRINT function. Directs printer output to either a file or a spooled printer (not a physical printer or terminal). /STATUS /STATUS=state Optional. Default: AUTOMATIC. Determines how the status line operates during your session. Specify one of the following: AUTOMATIC Status line is displayed. The status line is disabled automatically if the remote host writes data to the area under the status line or you type in that space. The status line is restored automatically when the data is erased. ON Status line is always displayed. OFF Status line is not displayed. To toggle between ON and OFF, invoke the STATUS function. /TERMINAL_TYPE /TERMINAL_TYPE=IBM-3278-n Optional. Default: IBM-3278-2. IBM terminal to emulate. Enter the full specification for one of the following: o IBM-3278-2 o IBM-3278-3 o IBM-3278-4 o IBM-3278-5 2 Examples 1.$ TN3270 MYCOM Establishes a TELNET connection to remote host MYCOM. By default, the physical terminal functions as an IBM-3278-2 model terminal. 2.$ TN3270 /TERMINAL_TYPE=IBM-3278-3 - _$ /KEY_DEFINITIONS=MY_NUMPAD.FIL Establishes a TELNET connection to the host at IP address The terminal functions as if it were an IBM-3278-3 model terminal, and it uses the customized keyboard definition file MY_NUMPAD.FIL. 3.$ TN3270 UCOM 31 /TERMINAL_TYPE=IBM-3278-5 /PRINTER=LOG Establishes a TELNET connection to remote host ucom: o The connection is at port 31 on ucom. o The terminal is functioning as if it were an IBM-3278-5 model terminal. o During the session at ucom, using the PRINT function records the screen's contents in a file named LOG.LIS.

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