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The following DCL commands can be used to control print and batch queues and the entries in them. ASSIGN/MERGE Move entries from one queue to another. ASSIGN/QUEUE Assign, or redirect, a logical queue to a single printer or terminal execution queue. DEASSIGN/QUEUE Deassign a logical queue from a printer or terminal queue and stop the logical queue. DELETE/ENTRY Delete one or more entries from a queue. DELETE/QUEUE Delete a queue and all its entries. DISABLE AUTOSTART /QUEUES Disable the autostart feature for queues on a node. ENABLE AUTOSTART /QUEUES Enable the autostart feature for queues on a node. INITIALIZE/QUEUE Create and initialize a queue. INITIALIZE/QUEUE /START Create a queue and activate it for autostart. PRINT Place an entry in a print queue. SET ENTRY Change the current status or attributes of a queue entry. SET PRINTER Sets device characteristics for a printer. SET QUEUE Change the current status or attributes of a queue. SHOW ENTRY Display queue entries belonging to a specified user. SHOW PRINTER Display device characteristics defined for a printer. SHOW QUEUE Display information about a queue and its entries. SHOW QUEUE/MANAGERS Display information about clusterwide queue managers. START/QUEUE Start or restart a queue. For autostart queues, activate the queue for autostart. START/QUEUE/MANAGER Start or restart a clusterwide queue manager. STOP/QUEUE Pause a queue to control it or the current entry in it. STOP/QUEUE/MANAGER /CLUSTER Stop a clusterwide queue manager (supersedes the STOP/QUEUE/MANAGER command). STOP/QUEUE/NEXT Stop a queue after all executing entries have completed. On an autostart queue, also deactivate the queue for autostart. STOP/QUEUE/REQUEUE Stop the current entry and requeue it for later processing. STOP/QUEUE/RESET Abruptly stop a queue and abort all executing entries. On an autostart queue, also deactivate the queue for autostart. STOP/QUEUES/ON_NODE Stop all queues on a node without stopping the clusterwide queue manager. Also prevent autostart queues from failing over to the node. SUBMIT Place an entry in a batch queue.

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