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Country codes, Postcodes, City names, etc. at GeoNames

In search for a good list with ISO-country names and relevant data, I ended at GeoNames. This site offers really super data, like even the RegExp to test a postcode value! Really great! And even more data of countries worldwide, like largest cities, highest mountains, capitals, postal codes, country statistics and much more.

And all for free. However, I can imagine what a job this must be to keep all that data up-to-date, so I donated for the data I downloaded (donate button is at the top of the donate & sponsoring page).

See also my earlier post about calculating postcode-to-postcode distances.


Finding postcodes near a known postcode

I am building a website where I need to find people based on their postcode and have been searching the past month for a good and cheap solution. From solutions costing around €2000 down to solutions costing €500 down to one which costs only €99 for a latitude/longitude database of Dutch postcodes, to be found at On their website is sample code present and I converted the PHP-version to Lasso 8 code. —> Click here for how-to and demo code.

Geocodes for SetEXIFData

Ah, I finally got the Geocoding right! I was wondering why the pawn always jumped to the nearest known location or why it always gave the nearest known location although I put the pawn in the middle of nowhere. After examining lots of example's on Google's website I finally got it : the real geocodes are in the field. So now I return those to the caller - in this case SetEXIFData.

You do not need to update; it's all on the web-server side of things.

GPS on my iPhone

There are a lot of discussions going on about the GPS accuracy on the iPhone. So I started a short test. I tried to get my home position every day and make a screen shot of it - it became 11 days because the error repeats itself on certain days. And I say now that it is not the iPhone (or maybe partly) but that it are those satellites that somehow send wrong signals, because every monday I am here, on every tuesday I am there, etc. So there's a pattern in the positions I am at through the week, although I always was at my house when I took the following screen shots.

I wrote the date in the upper right corner, you can see the time at the top, and put a circle around the spot where my house is. The blue dot marks the GPS spot.

IMG_0203-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0207-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0209-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0211-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG

IMG_0212-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0214-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0215-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0222-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG

IMG_0224-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0241-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG IMG_0242-2009-12-29-00-11.PNG

So ... either one of these blue dots should be exactly at my house and the iPhone is very wrong, or all these blue positions are wrong and the satellites do something weird or are too far away from this city.

Update August 2010: since all iPhone3G updates and now my iPhone4, GPS works fine again.

SetEXIFData 2.5

A new version of SetEXIFData is on-line. You can find it here.
This new version has
Geotagging and some minor repairs.

Google Maps and Geocoding

Here's my implementation of Google's geocoding API, which I am going to implement in SetEXIFData :

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