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ICSviewer 3.7 #icsviewer #ical #calendar #viewer #xojo #event #planning #planned #timeline

My ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.7

Bug fixes:

- A hang with the new initial date-range preference setting 'Current month' has been fixed.
- The possibility to use the new initial date-range preference setting has been fixed.
- Various UI improvements in the preferences window.

ICSviewer 3.6

My ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.6

What has changed:

- A new preference where you can set a predefined date range as startup. When you change the preference, the new date range is used immediately, so you do not have to quit & restart ICSviewer.
- When you enter a new date in 'From date' which is newer than the date in 'To date', 'To date' is automatically adjusted to the end of the month of 'From date'. And vice-versa, 'From date' is automatically changed to the first of the month of 'To date' when you pick a 'To date' which is earlier than 'From date'.
- The 'Year'-popup menu in the popup-calendar has been extended from 2039 to 2099.

Bloedmaan / Blood moon #bloedmaan #bloodmoon #maan #moon #fenomeen #phenomena #astronomie #astronomy #zutphen

Op 28 juli 2018, vanaf 21:17 uur was in Zutphen een Bloedmaan zichtbaar. Ziehier een reeks foto's, gemaakt met mijn Panasonic Lumix GF6 t/m 23:57 uur:

On the 28th of July 2018 was a Blood Moon visible in Zutphen, Netherlands. Below a series of photos from 21:17h until 23:57h, taken with my Panasonic Lumix GF6:


ICSviewer 3.5

My ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.5

What has changed:

- Resizing the modal sheet windows is now disabled.
- Some other UI and code improvemnts.

ICSviewer 3.3

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.3.

What is new:

- New: Added Extra Database Fields to the MySQL export preferences and the MySQL export process.

What has changed:
- A bug preventing Unit to be exported to MySQL has been fixed.

ICSviewer 3.2

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.2.

What is new:
- New: Added shareware serial number.
- New: Now also as a 64bit application on MacOS X and Windows.
- New: Added MySQL export for users who donated:
  • A Preferences window for:
    - MySQL connection settings
    - mapping columns from the display with columns from the MySQL table
  • An export button 'Export to MySQL' to export the calendar data directly into the MySQL table

What has changed:
- Handling of saving the states of the checkboxes has been fixed.
- Renamed the 'Export...' button to 'Export to CSV...'
- Default values for From date / To date are now the first / current day of the current month
- The selected sort-column is now saved.
- Long lines (description, dtstart/dtend) are now handled correctly.
- ICS file is now read once, not on every date-range change.
- Various code improvements.

What has changed:
- Bug fix: loading another .ics file did not reset the table.

What has changed:
- Bug fix MySQL export: concatenation-character ' | ' was added regardless.

Jean Michel Jarre 2016

I finally got around to put my movies and photos of the Jean Michel Jarre 2016 concert together in a few movies. I uploaded them to my Youtube channel and embedded the links on a new Fotoshop-page .

Jean Michel Jarre

This was really an experience - the music and the effects were amazing. I am a fan of his since the 1980's, so hey, memory-lane!

Using the 'burst'-feature of the iPhone, together with the app Burstio, I created some nice animated GIFs, which you can see all on the new Fotoshop-page.


Jean Michel Jarre show

ICSviewer 2.9

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 2.9.

What is new:
- New: Added an 'Export' feature, which exports to a .csv file.
- New: Added automatic save/restore of column checkboxes and decimal separator.
- New: Added column ATTENDEES.

What has changed:
- Moved LOCATION into its own column.
- No more rounding of hours. Hours are displayed with 2 decimals.
- Open and Save dialogs are now sheet windows on Mac OS X.
- When checking/unchecking columns or loading a new file, the chosen sort-column is now remembered.

ICSviewer 2.7

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 2.7.

From / To dates selection fixed.
From / To dates would take the chosen date, but with the current time as as start or endpoint.
For example: 01-01-2016 09:10:34 to 13-12-2016 09:10:34
This would cause events on 01 jan 2016 earlier than 09:10 and events on 13 dec 2016 later then 09:10 not to show up.
From / To dates now use 00:00:00 as From time and 23:59:59 as To-time.

About-window at start
The About-window will not show itself automatically anymore when opening the app.
The about window would pop-up each time you start the application until you donated; only then it would not pop-up anymore.
Since this is a bit annoying, I moved the Paypal-button to the main window. When you donate, this button wil disappear.

New version-detection
As of v2.7, the app will check for a new new version and pop-up a notification dialog with a link.

De Spookboerderij

Mijn foto van de Spookeik is gebruikt in het boekje 'De Spookboerderij', geschreven door Manon Sikkel.


Ik ben natuurlijk zeer vereerd, want het is een erg leuk verhaal. Daar past deze foto heel mooi bij.
Wat je op deze foto nog ziet, zijn de oude boerderijen. Deze hebben intussen plaatsgemaakt voor de pannenkoekenboerderij De Reuvershoeve, waar de presentatie van het boekje plaatsvond op 3 okt 2015.

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