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Mijn FileMaker Pro boekhoudsoftware geactualiseerd

Ik heb mijn FileMaker Pro 5 boekhoudprogramma's op verzoek geconverteerd naar recentere versies. U kunt de toepassingen nu downloaden voor alle versies vanaf versie 5. Voor elke compatibele versie heb ik een download-knop gemaakt, zoals in onderstaande afbeelding wordt getoond:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 14.00.03

SheepShaver - Mac OS 9.0 Classic Emulation on Mac OS 10.8

If you do not want to spend much money on upgrades for software you hardly use, just because you are running the latest Mac OS, try a Mac OS emulator! These are free and run nice and fast on the new Macs.

Let's take FileMaker Pro 6 for example. A piece of software I need, for a regional tree foundation I do some work for, but rarely use. And I do not want to upgrade - too expensive for the infrequent usage. So I looked at installing it on Windows in Parallels, since I have that software anyway - but that is a bit too much overhead just for running FileMaker 6. WINE did a bad job so I ditched that. Then I got a 500MHz G4 Cube! The advantage was that it runs all my older software too, like the Starwars Episode 1 Racer. But it is a bit much work turing that Mac on and off, just to do some administrative work in FileMaker 6.

So I still want to be able to run FM6 on my iMac, in Mac OS 10.8, because it is simply more convenient. I tried SheepShaver a long time ago, but then it did not work for me, somehow. But today I came across it again while searching for Mac OS emulators for Moutain Lion, and saw '2012' in the SheepShaver's blog, so that means it is still actively supported. I gave it a try and it works fantastic! And it runs my FM6 applications - and some old games, of course, like BreakThru! Really cool!

If you want to try it too, download SheepShaver and download a ROM file and the OS9 System. READ and follow these instructions and you should be ok.

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