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Brunello di Montalcino 2007

A few weeks ago, while shopping at ALDI in my hometown, I came across this wine. Lucky for them I was in a good mood and spend €12 on this wine, just this once.

Well, turns out it was a very good wine!

But, not worth the price. I have had similar quality for just about €8 a bottle. Now I am waiting until the last ones of their stock get a yellow sticker with a reduced price - maybe then this wine gets interesting to buy again.

If you can get it for a reasonable price, I suggest you try it!

brunello-di-montalcino1 (aldi,okt,12euro)brunello-di-montalcino2 (aldi,okt,12euro)

Foto: iMac going crazy

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 18.18.04

Daily Script on Mac OS X Server did not clean up /tmp

Lately my /tmp folder was piling up with files (krb5cc*) without any signals that these files were regularly deleted. A bit of googling showed that these come from the Open Directory Server, but that's something I cannot control. So I went to investigate why the daily script would not delete them. I googled a bit again and found out where the parameter file for the daily, weekly and monthly cleanup-scripts is located: /etc/defaults/periodic.conf. There, I found these settings for /tmp :

# 110.clean-tmps
daily_clean_tmps_enable="YES"           # Delete stuff daily
daily_clean_tmps_dirs="/tmp"            # Delete under here
daily_clean_tmps_days="3"               # If not accessed for
daily_clean_tmps_ignore=".X*-lock .X11-unix .ICE-unix .font-unix .XIM-unix"
daily_clean_tmps_ignore="$daily_clean_tmps_ignore quota.user"
                                        # Don't delete these
daily_clean_tmps_verbose="YES"          # Mention files deleted

The one to look for is where it says "3". This indicates that the routine should clean up old files not accessed for 3 days. But it did not - and the files were not mentioned in the ignore-parameters. Even rm -rf krb5cc* returned immediately an error that its argument list was too long. Therefore I started reading what the exact values for this parameter should be.

Well, it turns out that the value needs a qualification, like d(ays) or m(months), etc.. I found that out by reading /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps and studying how find uses -atime, -ctime and -mtime and how to add or subtract values. Here are a few find-commands, copied from /etc/periodic/daily/110.clean-tmps, which I tried to make sure that what I just read was right:

$ cd /tmp
$ sudo find -dx . -fstype local -type f -atime +1h -mtime +1h -ctime +1h
$ sudo find -dx . -fstype local -type f -atime +1d -mtime +1d -ctime +1d
$ sudo find -dx . -fstype local -type f -atime +2d -mtime +2d -ctime +2d

Further reading suggested to use override-files, so I sudo'd into vi to create the file /etc/periodic.conf with the following contents:


Yes, 2 days. Three days is too long for a server, in my opinion. The file's attributes look like this:

marcvos @ ~ $ ls -l /etc/periodic.conf
-rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 27 Oct 25 16:38 /etc/periodic.conf

Next, delete the file daily.out:

$ sudo rm /var/log/daily.out

Reboot the server. Check your /tmp folder and /var/log/daily.out the next days.

With me, I now finally saw all those files getting deleted.

Foto: Fossiele Vissenkop?

Fossile Fish

We gingen fossielen zoeken bij Cadzand-Bad en eindigden uiteindelijk bij Het Zwind. Daar hebben we een middag lopen speuren en daarbij vond ik o.a. deze versteende vissenkop. De bek en het oog zitten ook aan de andere kant, maar of het inderdaad een vissenkop is.....?

We went looking for fossils at Cadzand-Bad but ended up at Het Zwind. There we have spent the afternoon hunting for fossils and then I found, a.o., this fossilized fish head. The beak and eye are also visible on the other side, but if it actually is a fish head....?

Multihouse Reünie in Grand Hotel ter Duin, Burgh-Haamstede

In het weekeinde van 22 en 23 september 2012 was er een grootschalige reünie georganiseerd voor en door oud-Multihousers. Grote sponsors van dit idee zijn Inventive en Grand Hotel ter Duin geweest. Het hotel, de bar en het restaurant vond ik echt super! We hebben er heerlijk gegeten, gedronken en geslapen.

Alles over de reünie is te lezen op de website van Inventive. Hieronder vindt je een overzicht van de meegebrachte memorabilia en een hele kleine impressie van het hotel en de reünie - ik heb veel gekletst en weinig foto's gemaakt.

Als je op de memorabilia klikt, wordt er een 12MB grote foto geladen waarop alles wat beter te zien is. Als de foto dan geladen is, kan je met de meeste browsers er nog eens op klikken en dan wordt de foto vergroot tot de werkelijke grootte. Dan kan je alles nóg beter zien.


Foto: Flower


Funny Schiphol Airport Poster

A very long time ago my aunt gave us a comic poster about our national airport, Schiphol. We all love it and it has had its times while it it was hanging on the wall. Our kids used pens and pencils on it, tore it accidentally off the wall, etc. when they were little. Now it was so damaged, we could not show it to visitors anymore so we tore it down and to preserve it, I digitized it in pieces and stitched them together with Photoshop. Amazing how good and smart Photoshop is with this stitching!! After that I also removed, as much as I could, all our children's pen and pencil drawings but I left the damaged, taped corners and all the creases, which add some life to it.


The big one, ideal as a desktop background, is contained in this ZIP-file: schiphol-poster (17.2 MB)

Foto: Baldeneysee

This time I felt like implementing PTViewer inside a blog-post just to see the effect. The photo is a panorama of Baldeneysee, which is also on Panoramio.

To pan left, right, up or down, hold down the left mouse button and drag in a direction. The further you drag in a direction, the faster the pano scrolls.
To zoom in, hold down a SHIFT-key and the left mouse button.
To zoom out, hold down a CTRL-key and the left mouse button.

SetEXIFData 3.3

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v3.3 (8-sep-2012)
- Found a way to reactivate the app after processing so it responds to mouse clicks again. Hopefully this solves the problem where the app would not come forward.

v3.2 (07-sep-2012)
- Added support for a sticky Growl message when processing has finished, which lists all processed images.
Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 18.05.18
- Replaced the 'Done'-window with a text below the list-window, since the sheet-window-state did not react to mouse clicks when the app was in the background and ready with a conversion.
- Changed the sheet-window into a movable modal.


HandbrakePM 1.5

A new version of HandbrakePM, the batch video conversion tool based on the famous HandBrake video converter, is now available:

v1.5 (8-sep-2012)
- Found a way to reactivate the app after processing so it responds to mouse clicks again. Hopefully this solves the problem where the app would not come forward.

v1.4 (7-sep-2012)
- Replaced the 'Done'-window with a text below the list-window, since the sheet-window-state did not react to mouse clicks when the app was in the background and ready with a conversion.
- Changed the Growl-scripts so now they should work on newer MacOS and Growl installations.
- Made Growl-notifications sticky, like Handbrake does.

Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 17.50.58
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