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CSVviewer - Quicklook CSV files #utility #macos #linux #windows #csv #database

CSVviewer (formerly known as TABviewer) is a tool which shows the contents of text files, where data of each line is equally separated by either a semicolon, a comma or a tab-character.

You can download it here.

SetEXIFData 4.6

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

On request:
- Compiled a Universal Binary (UB) version for use on PowerPC and older Intel Macs. You can download it from my site.
- Added 'Save as set' for Geotags. If 'Put address in comment' is checked, the Comment (street address) is saved with the GPS coordinates.
- A double-click on a row in the EXIF-list inside the drawer, copies the value of the right column to the clipboard.
- Improved test if 'exiftool' has been installed.

A note about the Universal Binary (UB) version
Since september 2016 there is a UB version available, for PowerPC and Intel Macs. The UB version is still 1:1 the same with the current Intel version, but may differ in the future, since I use my old Powerbook G4 to keep the UB version current. When it dies, the UB version developments will also stop. Until then I will do my best to keep both versions the same qua functionality.

- Negative intervals lower than -9, like -10, could not be entered.

Save and Restore Mac OS X Finder Windows, with Tabs and Positions

Since Apple released Mavericks (10.9), the Finder doesn't save and restore its open windows, and the tabs inside these windows. I find this a real nuisance and it wonders me why Apple haven't been able to fix this. I tried writing 'defaults' settings, with no effect.

Anyway, then I decided to write my own solution, in AppleScript. You can download them from this page, second entry.

Foto: Azrael in het vogelhuisje

Azrael in vogelhuisje

Azrael in vogelhuisje

Azrael in the birdhouse - no bird gets in here!

New Subtle Faces - Nieuwe Subtiele Gezichten

I have added two new 'faces' to -> the collection :
Ik heb twee nieuwe 'gezichten' toegevoegd aan -> de collectie :


The Best Snack

The Best Snack

The Best Snack

Red wine, dark chocolate (72%) and artisan bread. Can't get enough of this!

Foto: Zsazsa op de fiets / Zsazsa on her bike

Zsazsa op de fiets

Zsazsa op de fiets / Zsazsa on her bike


Add or Subtract Business Days in Javascript, PHP and Lasso

I was lately looking for a working version of a function to add and/or subtract business days. The scripts and code I found via Google somehow did not produce the correct results all the time - and I do not mean the loops that simply add a day and check for weekends. Read more . . .

Zes Jaren Asfalt Wegenbouw in Nederland

Enige tijd geleden vond ik op een rommelmarkt een leuk boekje uit 1929 of 1930 over het destijds nieuwe, revolutionaire product: asfalt.
Het leuke aan dit boekje is hoe het is opgemaakt en vooral de foto's in het boekje. Hier zien we delen van Nederland tussen 1923 en 1930 vanuit een hele andere hoek.


Ik heb het boekje gescand en twee digitale versies gemaakt. Klik op de omschrijving om de betreffende versie te downloaden:

Asfalt-Wegenbouw in Nederland (1929).cbz

Asfalt-Wegenbouw in Nederland (1929).pdf

CBZ is voor Comic Book readers. Eigenlijk gewoon alle JPG's in een ZIP file.

Make a new folder inside a selected folder with Applescript

I wrote an Applescript with which one can create a new folder inside a current selected folder, or inside a current window or inside a folder containing a selected item.
You can read more and copy the code from my Scripting-page.
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