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Foto: Nice Jugendstil design

IMG_0001-2010-04-27-21-12.JPG I suddenly saw this design on a house in Zutphen which I pass by for over 7 years already every now and then :-D But this day it really caught my attention and I found it so beautiful! I think I am going to use it as a logo on my letters.

Hotel Adler

This weekend I had to replace two 80GB drives in an Xserve with two 1TB drives. The server is co-located at TCC, Möglingen, so I decided to drive there on saturday, perform the switch on sunday and arrange a meeting in Philippsburg on monday and then back home. So I was in need of a place to sleep.

The only good hotel near Möglingen with a room available was Hotel Adler. I booked a room for one, online, which is cool. The hotel is in Asperg, which is on or near the Fachwerkstraße - below is a picture that shows the old building. They have free WLAN, which is cool too! And finally a good bed! The people are very friendly and the service is great. Watch out for the 'heavy-from-the-butter' croissants, though, they are real calorie bombs but taste great ;-)

I always have a dèja vu when I drive through Germany, which, I found out, originates from my childhood when I played with my Märklin model train. All the model houses, stations, crossings, tunnels, etc. are modeled after real-life Germany. And it is only now that I am in Germany a lot, that I actually see the resemblance in real life. So Germany is sort of 'known territory', although I've never actually lived here.

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