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SetEXIFData 5.0

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:


As of version 5, SetEXIFData is now shareware.

If you have donated for SetEXIFData in the past, please e-mail me your Paypal transaction-reference and I will e-mail you your serial number. I am asking you to take action yourself, because email addresses on file are not always actual anymore.

- Added 'Email address' and 'Serial number' fields and a processing limit of max 5 photos a time. When you make a donation, you will get a serial number mailed to your PayPal email address. Enter both in the appropriate fields in the 'About..'-window and the processing limit will be removed.
- Added SubSeconds (or Burst Sequence Number or ImageNumber or ImageCount) to the Date/Time settings. You can insert a value in just this field if you only want to number photos - no need to fill dates/times. It wil set the following EXIF attributes: SequenceNumber, ImageCount, ImageNumber, SubSecTime, SubSecTimeOriginal. When 'Set Creation Date/Time ...' is checked, also the EXIF attribute 'SubSecTimeDigitized' wil be altered.
- Added '%x' pattern in 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name' to retrieve 3 digits from the file's name and store that number in the previous mentioned EXIF fields. It is up to you to correctly position this placeholder. Read the manual on my website on how to do this.
- Added '%x' pattern to the rename-pattern in 'Document name' when the 'Rename' checkbox is checked. When '%x' is found, the following number from the EXIF data is taken to rename the image file with: SequenceNumber, ImageNumber, ImageCount, ShutterCount, ShotNumberSincePowerUp, SubSecTime, SubSecTimeOriginal or SubSecTimeDigitized - whichever comes first.

- The main window is now resizable.
- No readme cq. manual included in the download any more. The always up-to-date version can be found by clicking the link on this 'About...'-window.

- 'Autofill' caused problems with processing multiple images.
- 'Titlecase' did not always work. Now you have to explicitly execute it by clicking a button. This way you can titlecase keywords and afterwards lowercase individual words, like 'and' and 'or', by hand.
- Possible crash while renaming files based on EXIF dates is repaired.
- Various internal improvements.
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