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iperf3: a Network Bandwidth Tester

I was investigating my WiFi access points for improvement and while browsing the web for ideas I came across iperf3. Simple and effective, iperf3 is a tool to measure network bandwidth (read more about it ...)
To simplify installation, I created a MacOS X (Intel) installer package for iperf3 so you do not need to compile yourself.
(download iperf3.pkg)
An Universal Binary Installer Package for MacOS X can be found on NCSA Illinois, although that is iperf2.
(download iperf.pkg)

Simple 1-2-3 Network test:
Install iperf3 on a Mac where you start it as a server: open Terminal and enter the following:
iperf3 -s
Then install it on another Mac and run it as a client: open Terminal and enter:
iperf3 -c -t 60 -P 2
where you must replace this IP-address with yours where iperf3 runs as a server on.

Wait a minute (-t 60) and the results are presented as follows:
Connecting to host, port 5201
[ 4] local port 65334 connected to port 5201
[ 5] local port 65335 connected to port 5201
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth
[ 4] 0.00-60.00 sec 342 MBytes 47.8 Mbits/sec
[ 4] 0.00-60.00 sec 342 MBytes 47.8 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 0.00-60.00 sec 321 MBytes 44.9 Mbits/sec
[ 5] 0.00-60.00 sec 321 MBytes 44.9 Mbits/sec
Total sent
[SUM] 0.00-60.00 sec 663 MBytes 92.7 Mbits/sec
Total received
[SUM] 0.00-60.00 sec 663 MBytes 92.7 Mbits/sec

iperf Done.

To stop the server, press CTRL-C.
Enter iperf3 --help  for all possible options.

This suite is also available on iOS: WiFi Bench.

Certified Lasso Developer 'Bragware'

As stated in their email in which I received this medal: pure bragware! In that case ... Let's brag! smiley


Foto: Contrasts


Contrasts, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.


Weingut Alfred Franger & Sohn

Last week a friend and colleague of mine took me to visit a vineyard in the region where we work. After a 30 minutes drive we arrived in a small village called Heuchelheim-Klingen where Weingut Alfred Franger & Sohn is long-standing. My friend knows these people for over 15 years already and we were very friendly welcomed. And after 15 minutes we were already in the wine-tasting room!

I told the lady of the house that I lately find that most German wines all taste the same, in some way. She began to laugh and told me that the taste I meant, is typically for this region! So she poured a centimeter of a light red wine, and that was exactly the taste I meant. Then we went on to taste some other red wines - and oh man, was I surprised! Completely unexpected flavours of oak, lychee, smoked wood, vanilla and more.

Their son, who is also in the family-business, joined us and he is really full of enthusiasm and has a drive to make the best wines and trying out new ways of doing this! We were given the honor to taste a wine, bottled last weekend, made through a completely new and daring process. Well, even a week old, this young wine was really fantastic!

My friend had planned to go here anyway to buy a few boxes. But he was by car! I had come to work by train. So I just picked one bottle of each wine I was allowed to taste during our pleasant conversation and dragged a box home with me.

Being with real wine-lovers and talking about wine and such, is always very nice. So I list here some of their, all very good!, wines, in no particular order (but it might be alphabetic), and my favorites are marked:


Here are some photo's from their street and terrace:

A view of the village

The tasting room

The terrace outside

My business trip to Germany

My standard business trip to the office in Germany. Always by train, it's the most comfortable way to travel.


Onverwachte gedenksteen

Ben ik aan het wandelen in een stuk bos waar ik nog niet eerder was, kom ik opeens een gedenksteen tegen. Wel een mooie.


1999 was me 't jaartje wel - Fredric Brown

Weer een #scifi boek van Fredric Brown met ook weer allerlei korte verhalen. Bij deze ook voor u, goed te lezen op iPhone en iPad.

Veel leesplezier!

download Download het boek vanaf mijn Dropbox account. Dit is een voor iedereen toegankelijke map.



Coding Lasso with RapidWeaver as a framework

I have created a page of how I recently found a cool way to use #RapidWeaver, #Lasso and #Coda at the same time and use RapidWeaver only for the framework, which it does very good.


Foto: Piece of Art


I made this artwork on my iPhone using different photo manipulating apps. It's called 'a dog drinks'. Fits modern art perfectly! No need to understand or 'get' it.

Foto: Building


Building, originally uploaded by MrMacvos.

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