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SetEXIFData 6.1

A new version of SetEXIFData , my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey , is now available:


- Various problems with getting the date and/or time from file names.

ICSviewer 3.2

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 3.2.

What is new:
- New: Added shareware serial number.
- New: Now also as a 64bit application on MacOS X and Windows.
- New: Added MySQL export for users who donated:
  • A Preferences window for:
    - MySQL connection settings
    - mapping columns from the display with columns from the MySQL table
  • An export button 'Export to MySQL' to export the calendar data directly into the MySQL table

What has changed:
- Handling of saving the states of the checkboxes has been fixed.
- Renamed the 'Export...' button to 'Export to CSV...'
- Default values for From date / To date are now the first / current day of the current month
- The selected sort-column is now saved.
- Long lines (description, dtstart/dtend) are now handled correctly.
- ICS file is now read once, not on every date-range change.
- Various code improvements.

What has changed:
- Bug fix: loading another .ics file did not reset the table.

What has changed:
- Bug fix MySQL export: concatenation-character ' | ' was added regardless.

Shell Helpt boekjes

Dankzij een zeer vriendelijke website bezoeker, heb ik nu ook de Shell Helpt-boekjes 14 t/m 23 (behalve deel 19) en een Motorfiets-special 'Wat je moet weten voor je op een motor stapt' in mijn bezit gekregen. Ik heb ze ingescand en aan de verzameling toegevoegd.


Ze zijn, net als deeltjes 1 t/m 13, ook individueel te downloaden als PDF of ZIP met JPG's.

Veel lees en download-plezier!

PS: Wie deel 19 heeft, of nog andere boekjes uit deze reeks, en deze aan mij wilt verkopen zodat ik ze in kan scannen, dan verneem ik dat graag!


Blokzijl, 15-01-2017

Blokzijl, 15-01-2017


Trees floating in the mist

Trees floating in the mist

Trees floating in the mist


Fraudulent buyers on Marktplaats

I had an iPhone for sale on for €280. Last week a bid came for the exact amount. So I thought, hey, cool!

In a message, the buyer wrote that (s)he would pay asap via Paypal and 'add an extra €50 for shipping'. I answered the next day and asked where to send the iPhone to. The answer was 'abroad'.
Sidenote: communication was in English, not in Dutch. So duh, I knew it would go abroad.

The next day she asked for my Paypal name and again said (s)he would pay 'asap'. That was the 3rd day - so far for 'asap'.
I said that (s)he only needs my e-mail address for Paypal and I gave it.

A day later (s)he would be paying again 'asap' and asked again for my Paypal name. So I typed my name.
And I added that I would send the iPhone to the address mentioned in the Paypal-payment - whenever that payment would come.

(S)he answered 'yes' and that was it. Never heard of them again and the next day, the anti-scam robot of Marktplaats removed the fraudulent account and all their biddings.

So I googled a bit why someone would 'add another 50 bucks for shipping' and I came across the so-called 'overpayment scam'.
I know some one who works at Paypal as a security officer and I asked him what this exactly is and how the swindler would benefit.

His answer:

The overpayment scam is where the buyer overpays for the item, then requests you refund the overpayment via wire transfer or Western Union (or a similar non-revocable payment method). Sometimes the payment is real, but uses stolen funds, and other times the payment is fake – i.e. the fraudster sends a spoofed PayPal email to the seller telling them they have funds. So ALWAYS check you actual Paypal account for received payments.

It could be the fraudster doesn't care about whatever it is you're selling and doesn't care that you're shipping the item to the victim, they may be only after the refund.

Likely the buyer was going to have someone pickup the item in person, and have you pay them the overage amount in cash. The payment would have been legitimate in that case because PayPal doesn't protect sellers if they don't have a tracking number.
The buyer can claim you did not give them the item, and if you handed it to them in person, you won't have a tracking number and PayPal will side with the buyer.

Never arrange to deliver an item in person, ALWAYS ship it with a tracking number.
Or if you want to do an in-person deal, refund their payment via PayPal, and have them bring cash when they pick it up.

There are a variety of ways a scammer can get you, so it's best to read through the rules and make sure you adhere to them to prevent losing seller protection from Marktplaats and PayPal.

So, keep this in mind when you have a bidder/buyer who promises you all the money you want for an item you have for sale.
Read more about scams using Paypal here

Jean Michel Jarre 2016

I finally got around to put my movies and photos of the Jean Michel Jarre 2016 concert together in a few movies. I uploaded them to my Youtube channel and embedded the links on a new Fotoshop-page .

Jean Michel Jarre

This was really an experience - the music and the effects were amazing. I am a fan of his since the 1980's, so hey, memory-lane!

Using the 'burst'-feature of the iPhone, together with the app Burstio, I created some nice animated GIFs, which you can see all on the new Fotoshop-page.


Jean Michel Jarre show




I found this image I made just the right one to play with some iPhone photo-effect apps.

Ofenkartoffel bei Le Café in Ingolstadt

Als wir in Ingolstadt waren um familie zu besuchen, haben wir ein restaurant gesucht in die nähe von unser hotel und sind bei Bistro & Restaurant Le Café gelandet, weil die eine schöne terrasse hat wo man draussen essen kann.
Die ambiance ist total ok, die bedienung war sehr freundlich und geduldig, und deswegen haben wir dort einen sehr schönen abend gehabt.

Ich wollte jetzt mal kein lappen fleisch oder wieder mal ein bauernsalat oder pizza essen, und so fiel mein äuge auf ein ofenkartoffel 'Barbecue'. Ofenkartoffel .. hmmm .. das war mal wieder was anderes und ich kannte das noch von früher, als meine mutter sie gekocht hat. Also, bestellt und es hat mich wirklich überraschend gut geschmeckt!

Also, wenn sie mal in Ingolstadt sind ist Le Café bestimmt ein besuch wert.

Hertebout bij Bommels' Eten • Drinken in Velp

Het is alweer even geleden dat wij bij toeval terechtkwamen bij Bommels' Eten • Drinken in Velp. Het wordt gerund door een ex-slager die in zijn geboortehuis, waarin eerst een slagerij zat, een restaurant is begonnen. Wat een aardige en vriendelijke man!
En dat hij ex-slager is, dat merk je aan het vlees. Buiten in het zonnetje, op met kussens beklede houten banken, heb ik daar een fantastisch lekkere hertebout gegeten. Een aanrader!

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