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Move The Creator 7 assets folders to Dropbox on macOS X #creator7 #laughingbird #dropbox #lbsoftware


When you use The Creator 7 to make logos and banners, you are bound by the software to use the folders
~/Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements
~/Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries

I have got the solution to moving these two assets folders to, in my case, Dropbox and still use The Creator 7.

Updated Tools for ILE/RPG on IBM Power System aka IBM System i aka eServer aka iSeries aka AS/400 #as400 #i5 #iseries #systemi #ibm #tools #ilerpg #programming #coding


I have updated my tools for the IBM Power Systems, aka AS400, ILERPG environment.
The tools , when compiled, run for sure on V5R2M0 or higher.
  • E$EXP - /COPY replacement for all types of source codes (ILERPG, DDS, CLP, HLP, MNU, etc.)
  • E$LIB - Various tools
  • E$LNG - Tool to make RPG applications, including subfiles in display files, language independent

Abstractions by me

Al heel lang hangt er een schilderij van mij in huis, wat ik maakte toen ik 5 jaar oud was. Ik herinner mij nog hoe ik de kinderen die vóór mij zaten te schilderen (we gebruikten een schildersezel, jawel!) keurig huisje, boompje en beestje probeerden op papier te krijgen. Nou, dacht ik, toen al dus, daar doe ik niet aan mee! Ziehier het resultaat.

For a long time already there hangs a painting of me in the house, which I made when I was 5 years old. I still remember how the children who were painting in front of me (we used an easel, yes!) tried to get a neat little house, tree and animal on paper. Well, I thought, then already, that is not where I want to be a part of! Here is the result.

Setup your local macOS X web server #apache #macos #macosx #webserver #localhost #webdevelopment

I've put together a page where I describe how you can setup a web development environment with two or more Apple Macs.

If you are a web developer working on Apple Macs, you sure do want to use the macOS X built-in web server, Apache, on all your Macs. And you want to be able to access your Sites folder, local web documents folder and your other Mac via HTTP.

I'll describe how to set it up on macOS High Sierra (10.13.5). If you're on a previous version of macOS X, not to worry, the steps to take are practically identical. Read on ...

Zo werkt een auto #shell #shellhelpt #boek #auto #motor #tips #benzine #olie #rijstijl #panne #anwb

Aan mijn webpagina Shell Helpt-boekjes , heb ik nu nog een leuk boek toegevoegd: Zo werkt een auto
Zo werkt een auto

The Blogspot Stack 1.2.3 for Stacks with RapidWeaver


Version 1.2.3 of the Blogspot.stack was released on 05 June 2018

If you purchased this stack, you can re-download the installer via your Paddle account.
If not, you can read more about it here .

Changes, additions and fixes:

  • Fix that caused an unexpected '[' on some installations of PHP v5.4 or lower.
  • Fix that caused an unrecognised constants SORT_NATURAL and SORT_FLAG_CASE on PHP v5.3 or lower. If PHP 5.3 or lower, SORT_STRING is used.
  • Added a META tag in the HEAD-section which contains the actual PHP-version.

HandbrakePM 1.8


A new version of HandbrakePM, the batch video conversion tool based on the famous HandBrake video converter, is now available:

v1.8 (4-jun-2018)
- HandBrakeCLI updated to v1.1.0
- Fixes version number check.


Installing SSDs in my MacBook Pro

Here's a picture of when I replaced a 512GB Crucial SSD with a 2TB Samsung SSD in my mid-2012 MacBook Pro, the MacBook Pro-series where you can still do-this-yourself.
I found it a nice sort of 'still life', that's why I took the picture.


1977 GVB Amsterdam 4-rittenkaart 3 zones

Bij het digitaal archiveren van mijn papierkraam, stuitte ik op deze, ongestempelde 4-rittenkaart uit 1977. Deze kreeg ik destijds toen ik voor de oriëntatie welke richting de dienstplicht voor mij zou worden o.i.d. werd opgeroepen.


New Subtle Faces - Nieuwe Subtiele Gezichten #foto #photo #gezicht #face #imagination #fantasie #figuren #vormen #shapes #figures

I have added two new 'faces' to -> the collection :
Ik heb twee nieuwe 'gezichten' toegevoegd aan -> de collectie :

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