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ICSviewer updated to 2.6

The ical/ics calendar file viewer ICS Viewer is updated to version 2.6.

CATEGORIES added as a new column.


SetEXIFData 4.2

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v4.2 (29-apr-2016)
- Set EXIF dates and times based on a date [and time] in the file name of the image.

See the web page for more info. Look for 'Retrieve Date/Time from file name'.

Various software updates (SetEXIFData, ICSViewer, HandbrakePM and DirectURL)

My four main apps all have now their own webpages instead of being part of the old accordion page.

SetEXIFData ->
HandbrakePM ->
ICSViewer ->
DirectURL ->

ICSViewer has some new additions:
  • Sheet windows instead of modals,
  • Link to new webpage,
  • Better display of bigger text on Windows,
  • 'Line No.' column now has a line number,
  • ’Start at’ and 'End at' columns now also include the date in ISO format for better sorting.


Switch from Microsoft SkyDrive or OneDrive to Google Drive

As of some days from now, Microsoft will reduce the free, personal OneDrive space from 15GB to 5GB. So I made the switch to Google Drive.

Update 02-03-2018:
SkyDrive, Onedrive and Google Drive are, as far as I care, exit. I made the move to Dropbox, and have moved my Calibre library there. So ... I have replaced all old links to my scanned books by a shared Dropbox-link.

If you find a link to a publication in my blog history which still points to SkyDrive or OneDrive, or Google Drive : please send me an e-mail with the faulty link.

SetEXIFData 4.0

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v4.0 (17-apr-2016)
- Renaming your photos based on EXIF dates and times.

See the web page for more info. Look for 'DocumentName'.

Foto: Taiga in de regenton

Taiga in de regenton

Taiga in de regenton

Onze nieuwe jonge vrouwtjes herder in haar eigen gevonden plek.
Update 2018: De ton is er niet meer en Taiga is nu groot.

SetEXIFData 3.4

A new version of SetEXIFData, my GUI for exiftool by Phil Harvey, is now available:

v3.4 (1-apr-2016)
- Tabbed panes to reduce window-height. The high window was a problem on small screens.
- The Artist & Copyright pop-up memnu now also saves 'Camera make', 'Camera model' and 'Extra camera info' fields.
- Tab-order is fixed. Using the TAB-key, the fields are now selected in the right order: top-down, left to right.


Foto: Paddestoel in de voortuin / Mushroom in the front yard

Paddestoel in onze voortuin

Paddestoel in onze voortuin / Mushroom in our garden

Deze prachtige paddestoel groeide aan een muurtje in onze voortuin.

This wonderful mushroom grew on a little wall in our front yard.

Postpone Selling Photo's / Uitstellen Foto Verkoop

Sinds het verkopen van mijn foto’s niet mijn primaire werk gaat worden, heb ik de foto-bestel pagina vervangen door een Flickr diashow van mijn foto-stream.
Mocht u alsnog foto’s willen bestellen of laten maken, neem dan gelijk contact met mij op (mijn e-mail adres vindt u onderaan elke pagina).

Since selling my photo’s is not becoming my primary business, I replaced the photo-ordering page with a Flickr slideshow of my photo stream.

Foto: iMac 2010 screen

iMac 2010 screen

iMac 2010 screen

Sometimes my iMac behaves weird and becomes its own artist :-)
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